Product Packaging: What Things Are Needed to Capture Your Market?

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In the world of marketing and branding, the outside is as important as the inside. This element can even inform how many people will even bother to dive deeper to get to know a product. To capture consumer interest and stand out amongst competitors, a company needs to have stellar packaging. After all, it can be the factor that seals the deal. Here are some essential elements that your packaging style should hit.

  • Distinctive Design

While it may be easy to go with the tried-and-tested routes, it is still important to employ new elements that make it fresh. The way you structure your packaging to the details in the design and style counts. This is how you take attention from the wandering eye of the consumer and make your mark.

This is one of the core tactics advocated for by the marketing agency in Provo that handled the Bodyguardz branding and campaign. You can choose not to stick to purely traditional imagery of tech that would immediately allow it to get lost in a sea of phone protective gear brands. Instead, the brand could stand out using images of athletes using their equipment and effectively evoking the same feeling of product toughness.

This kind of strategic use of retail materials can get people to look at your brand, check out your products, and see for themselves by testing it out via purchase.

  • Key Brand Messaging

You should set the tone of what your brand is about, down to the packaging that you will be putting on your products. This is a representation of your goods and can be the first thing a consumer associates with your company.

Impression matters, and a consumer’s perception of your brand can start from the first vibe that is evoked in your materials. From the font you use, the artwork you incorporate, down to what content you write, these can properly introduce your brand and create a unified tone that makes it easier to create brand reliability, retention, and get associated with specific themes.

  • Target Demographic Elements

When creating the look for your packaging, it’s crucial to figure out your target demographic and determine the elements that call out to them the most. According to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, every aspect from the colors, shapes, and font used dictates the consumer’s perception of the brand.

A darker palette was considered more premium and geared toward consumers who could spend more while packaging that was light and bright and featured serif typographies geared towards the masses who cared about budget products. This also established an image of the brand’s intent to consumers, which can help you send out messages like if you carry green eco-friendly products or if you provide a cheaper alternative to the middle class.

Once you hit these core design elements, you can introduce your packaging to the market effectively. Whether you outsource to a marketing design team or hire in-house designers, don’t scrimp on these details that can determine the success of your product.