Product Packaging Secrets Every Startup Brand Must Know

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 When you shop for any product you’re about to try for the first time, do you notice that you tend to judge your choices based on their packaging? You could’ve checked out the actual product’s benefits and customer reviews first, but somehow, you’re always drawn to the packaging first.

The adage “Do not judge a book by its cover” simply doesn’t apply to brands. A product’s packaging only has one chance to impress customers, and if brands fail in this, it might take a costly rebrand for them to bounce back. Hence, getting it right the first time is crucial.

Being a startup brand, your product will be regarded in the market as unknown, even if you have a handful of competitors selling the same thing. For that reason, you need to know the secrets of a product packaging that makes a lasting impact and sets your brand apart from your competitors.

  1. Cusps

A cusp is a sharp, pointed edge that connects two curves. You’ll see three of them in Coca-Cola’s logo; one at each end of the stroke of the capital C’s, and one under the “a” in the center. The shape of a cusp evokes feelings of fear, danger, and caution, hence they catch the attention easily and create a lasting impression. Of course, Coca-Cola doesn’t intend to instil those feelings to their consumers, but they definitely nailed in making their logo and packaging memorable to people of all ages and social classes.

  1. Simple Design

Have you ever wondered why Apple product owners adore their devices’ packaging so much? That’s because its simple design reflects the user-friendly experience Apple promises to their customers. Coca-Cola excels in simple packaging design as well. Just one look at it, and you’ll instantly remember every feeling associated with the brand.

  1. Friendly Messages

A brand’s message doesn’t have to literally be in words, but from to time, like the holidays, for example, adding a sweet greeting on your packaging will be appreciated by your customers. A custom product packaging that stands out on certain significant holidays will spark a multitude of heart-warming emotions in consumers, encouraging them to buy your products to give them as away as presents.

  1. Sustainability

Nowadays, consumers are also concerned with product packaging’s environmental impact. Thus, it’s best to have eco-friendly packaging sourced from suppliers who also practice sustainability in their business. Consider reusable packaging, or an origami-style if it’s relevant to your product.

  1. Iconic Assets

Aside from using cusps, also come up with something for your logo and packaging that will be an asset to your brand alone. It can be the color, shape, or material. Cola-Cola is a master of assets — their signature red shade and cursive font face are recognizable even to people who don’t drink coke.

Think of McDonald’s red and yellow combination or Nike’s iconic swoosh mark. The key is to design a logo that will have a strong impact on your packaging, despite its simple design.

  1. Easily Recognizable to a Five-Year-Old

Your packaging design is guaranteed effective if it passes the five-year-old test. This is what makes your assets crucial, too. The packaging should have distinct colors and other visual elements that can be described easily even to a child. If you can instruct a five-year-old to pick up your product in the grocery store without telling them the brand, and they succeeded, then you did the right thing on your packaging.

Your packaging is as important as your product, as it is what makes your brand stand out. Remember these three things as you design a powerful packaging: simplicity, evocation, and timelessness.