Precisely, should you be tempted by drugs or alcohol to relax?

It all depends on your habits and the reasons for consuming the product. Some anxious people, who hate to let go, think of taking an anxiolytic or an antidepressant for the first time in their life when taking off. Likewise, some people who never drink a drop of alcohol will drink a small bottle in midair to relax. It is a catastrophic idea. They don’t know how they will react to the substance that is unfamiliar to them. If, on the other hand, you are well aware of the effect a glass of wine has on you, or that you have already taken painkillers and they have been prescribed for you by a doctor, then yes, why not. You can search by help for anxiety near me and have the best choices now.

Anxiety and stress

The stress is a reaction of your brain and your body deal with an item deemed dangerous, risky or difficult to mobilize all our resources. Under stress, your reflexes are improved and you are ready to react with impressive speed. This is the heritage received from previous centuries. This is the version of what is commonly known as “good stress”. Stress usually has a well-identified cause.

Bad stress is similar to anxiety. It is diffuse, too intense or over too long a period, which depletes your body’s reserves.Anxiety is, in a sense, the ability to create yourself or to amplify stress.

Anxiety and anguish

Anxiety is similar to fear, with an important physical dimension: palpitations, sweating, feelings of suffocation or strangulation, dizziness. The anxiety has a clear and consciously identified source. It has a stronger intensity than fear or anxiety.

And when the anxiety is too strong, can occur the anxiety attack or panic attack. This phenomenon is based on a vicious circle bathed in a climate of anxiety (or even anxiety disorders) and stress. Seizures are occasional and repeated physical and mental illnesses.

Anxiety is less intense, less physical and more chronic than anxiety.

Test: are you an anxious person?

Here are some simple questions to help you determine if you are an anxious person and if your level of anxiety is taking up too much space in your life right now.

You have the impression:

  • To be overcome by a feeling of discomfort or diffuse fear?
  • Or to anticipate excessively and negatively? To create problems before they even appear?
  • That anxiety is keeping you from living your life?
  • That it hinders you and limits you?
  • Missing out on things because you’re afraid of what might happen?

Alongside these signs, others of a more physical nature may appear, such as:

  • physical motor tensions: muscle tension, restlessness or over-excitement
  • hypervigilance: difficulty concentrating, irritability, sleep disturbances;
  • and other somatic signs can be associated: cold and sweaty hands, dry mouth, frequent urination, nausea or diarrhea, feeling of lump in the throat, headache.

If you can identify with more than one of these traits, you probably have too much anxiety in your life right now.