Playing craps at Parx Casino

While the game of craps itself may only be a few hundred years old, the throwing of dice has been one of the most widely practiced pastimes in human history. Before civilization even existed, people were throwing dice made of bones and other materials for entertainment or even four religious ceremonies.

Today, the most popular dice game in casinos across the world is craps. And with its history of endurance that spans millennia, there is no reason to expect that this exciting and ages-old game will be going away anytime soon.

Pennsylvania craps at Parx Casino

Residents throughout the state of Pennsylvania have always trusted Parx Casino as one of the best places to play Pennsylvania craps. With its huge casino located in Philadelphia, Parx Casino is one of the most impressive gaming establishments on the East Coast of the United States.

For more than four decades, Parx Casino has been providing customers with excitement, safety and fast and trustworthy payouts. For aficionados of Pennsylvania craps, there’s never been a better place to play their favorite game throughout the state.

While craps can appear formidable to those who have never played it before, the dizzying array of betting possibilities is actually not that difficult to grasp once one gets the hang of the game. As a dice game, there is little strategy that can affect the odds of a player at the craps table. However, establishments like Parx Casino that offer multiple odds can significantly reduce the house edge over a player, at least after the first roll.

Online craps at Parx

Dice aficionados will be excited to know that all of Parx Casino’s brick-and-mortar craps offerings will also be offered at their new online casino.

With the advent of fully legalized online gambling throughout the state of Pennsylvania in 2017, Parx Casino became one of the state’s first operators to offer its full table game lineup through its online portal. This includes its craps offerings as well.

Playing craps online has a number of significant advantages. These include the ability to play far more hands per hour as well as to avail oneself of the many promotions and rewards that are available exclusively through online casinos. This is especially true at Parx Casino where players are able to take advantage of the incredible $500 sign up bonus with their first deposit. They will also be able to take advantage of the ongoing strong rewards program that Parx Casino offers its online players.

Players who wish to take advantage of online Pennsylvania craps through Parx Casino will be able to choose from two main types. The first is the normal online craps offering, which consists of a video-game-like interface, with ultra-high-quality graphics, great sound effects and the ability to play a vastly higher number of rounds per hour. Many players love the online gaming experience, which is similar to but also distinct from the experience of playing in an actual brick-and-mortar casino.

However, those looking for a more genuine casino experience will greatly appreciate the option to play the live dealer version of Pennsylvania craps at Parx Casino’s online site. This version of Pennsylvania craps features an actual dealer and a physical table, which closely mimics the actual experience of playing a real craps game. Players are also able to chat with others at the table, just as they would be able to do at a physical casino.

 Parx Casino offers players some of the fastest and most reliable deposit and withdrawal methods as well. With more than four decades of reputable gaming services, Parx Casino gives players the peace of mind that only comes from dealing with one of the most trustworthy establishments in the country.