Playing blackjack online: terminologies and strategies.

Blackjack casino game that is played against the dealer. With the rising coronavirus pandemic last year, most people started to go online to spend their time. If you wish to play in an online Malaysian casino, just go to google and type best online casino Malaysia. You will get a list of search results from where you can choose any and play.

To play blackjack online, you need to understand the terminologies and strategies of blackjack.


If you’re planning to play blackjack online, you will have to know the terminology of the game. Even if you are an avid player, you need to learn a new set of terms when it comes to blackjack.


A bust is a situation when you have a hand that has gone over 21.


If it is your turn in the blackjack game, and you add another face of the card to your existing hand.


When it is your turn in the blackjack game, and you decide to stay with the current hand that you have.


When it is your turn in the blackjack game, and you decide to leave the game because you are aware that you will lose.

Online blackjack tips

Now that you know the terminology of blackjack, you need to know how to play the game. These online blackjack tips will help you make the best possible decisions to win the available bets. Fortunately for the players, blackjack is one casino game that offers the maximum chance of payout in the case of online casino players.

  • If two players reach the number 21, the player who has reached 21 with most cards will be declared as the winner.
  • Always hit hard on the hand, which has 11 or less.
  • Suppose you have a hard 13 -18 against the dealer who has a 2-6 stand. Otherwise, you should go for a hit.
  • Suppose you have a hard 12 against your dealer who has a 4 to 6 stand. Otherwise, you should hit.
  • Always hit in case you have a soft 17 or less.
  • Always stand if you have a hard 17 or more.
  • If you have a soft 17 or more, always stand.
  • If you have a soft 18, you can stand. If you are playing against a dealer who has an Ace, 9 or 10, in that case, you should go for a hit.

Playing live blackjack games online

If you are reading this, you obviously know quite a lot about playing blackjack online. You can play against an online dealer. Alternatively, you can choose to play live blackjack online.

A lot of the casinos offer live dealer games. If you opt to select this option, you will be able to play a live game hosted by a real blackjack dealer in a real casino. You will be a part of the real casino scene while receiving all the benefits of being at home. If you try out this option, you will have an enjoyable experience.