What to know about Pirelli tyres…

Pirelli is one of the biggest tyre marketers in the world spanning to over 150 countries in the current tire market. The company is famed for manufacturing and selling top quality premium tires that have achieved basic success in both sporting franchise and conventional driving experiences, making them the number one choice for most road-users and car owners in Dubai and beyond.

Pirelli tires also excel in making tyres big enough to withstand even the most extreme workloads and endurance and are specialized in renewable energy and raw substances on rubber quality and durability. This is also one of the many reasons why they are focused on the maximum satisfaction and interaction with customers as their hub continues to grow.

Why Pirelli is the best choice?

Pirelli tires offer both comfort and luxury at the same time, while ensuring quieter and safer journey experience. The marketing strategies of the company are aimed at sustaining modern-day road demands as well as taking road usage to the next level.

Pirelli brands puts environmental conditions into consideration by maximizing their efforts in renewing their technological ideas in creating new features and designs to accommodate sound ecological impact on the tracks.

Availability of Pirelli tyres in Dubai

Due to its dry and arid weather conditions, Pirelli tyres Al Quoz, are best capable of withstanding such demanding weather. This makes it such a bargain when looking to buy tyre UAE as it is worth every penny of your budget.


Pirelli PZero Nero – these variants are seamlessly designed for ultra high performance experience for mostly speed racing vehicles and endurance purposes. Below is the list of PZero Nero products.

P1 Verde, P7, P7 M0, P Zero MO, P Zero, MO, N2, Nero A/S, AO, NI, PZ4, AO, MGT, AMS, BL, NO,  P Zero PZ4 NI, P Zero J, FO1, P Zero J- LR, F, PZ4 RO1, PZ4 MOE, B

Cinturato– the Cinturato variants are designed for high end luxury cars and achieving all the maximum comfort and safety needed for an improved quiet driving lifestyle.

Winter – Pirelli Winter tires are made for lower temperature weather and atmospheric conditions like snow and icy terrains. They also ensure suitable grit and power needed for sharper turns and better handling in slippery roads.

Scorpion – Scorpion varieties are special tires for SUV and other Cross-over vehicles such as medium and heavy duty trucks. Under Scorpion brands are;

Scorpion Verde, Scorpion MO, AO, LR, NO, NCS, STR, PZ4 & Rosso.

Pirelli Moto products

Diablo – are larger sized with stronger and one of the most durable rubber fittings out there. Diablo Pirelli products are also carefully designed for carrying SUV and trucks.

Scorpion – are more complex in terms of treading design and rigidity. They are also built for both contemporary road and off-road tracks and are suitable for extreme and demanding weather conditions.

Pirelli Velo & Cycle C Products

The PZero Velo  are Pirelli brands that are absolutely conducive for sporting and high performance driving while the Cycle C varieties  are designed strictly for urban purposes.