Only High-Intensity Exercise Protects Against Heart Disease and Cancer

New research publicized by the National Institutes of Health brings together a group of earlier research and makes it crystal clear that mid-aged and older adults need to be doing anaerobic exercises – high-intensity short sprints as opposed to common, prolonged, slow-moving cardio.

Types of anaerobic sprinting exercises – running, cycling, cross-country skiing, swimming – are proven by medical scientists to trigger the body into producing substantial numbers of anti-aging growth hormones. It is not a secret that a number of popular performers take growth hormones (GH) injections for their body fat reducing effects, muscle toning and youthful rejuvenating qualities, but there are known serious side-effects of using GH injections.

Natural is definitely best. And producing growth hormones from high-intensity exercising is undoubtedly “natural.” Growth hormones injections are administered to kids with clinical stature growth difficulties to assist them in growing normally. Growth hormones do not make grown ups grow taller.” For mid-aged adults, GH can undo a number of quantifiable clinical aspects of the mid-aged bulge – technically called “the somatopause” by scientists.

The mid-aged somatopause is identified by a decline in energy, gaining-weight (across the hips and middle), loss of muscle tone, and wrinkly skin following the age of thirty.

The Facts About Physical Fitness?

Here’s the reality. Carrying excess fat causes cancer. Scientists are not talking only about obesity; they are talking about obesity and simply being “overweight.” Simply being overweight, which is much less than straightforward obesity, now makes up about 14 to 20 percent of cancer based deaths, report scientists in a key new study. This was not a limited, out-of-context study carried out over a couple of months. Over nine-hundred thousand adults were observed for 16 years. Scientists estimate that over ninety-thousand deaths by cancer every year can be prevented if each American actually maintained a healthy body weight. 2

Slow Cardio

Slow and long types of cardio – such as walking – are excellent ways to start for a person who is sedentary. But do not be fooled. The evidence is crystal clear. This type of exercise does not compare with the advantages of anaerobic exercise. We are speaking about the differences between pre-school and college.

Low-level exercising is totally necessary for a starting place, however it has to be the starting place and also a stepping stone which leads to moderately intense exercise, and this in turn, must be a stepping stone to highly intense anaerobic exercising.

Low-level Exercise Doesn’t Prevent Death by Heart Disease

For a long time, the exercising gold standard was thirty minutes of activity per day. And 30 minutes of walking each day was considered good enough to hold-off heart disease and premature death. Incorrect, report scientists. New research of 2,000 adult men for 10 years takes apart the low-level walking standard theory. Scientists show that low-level exercise does zero to prevent death by heart disease.

Almost 2,000 adult men, aged 45 to 60, were monitored for 10 years. To start with, none of theses guys displayed any signs of heart disease. Exercises were carried out and measured by 3 intensity levels; low, mid-level, and high. Low-intensity included bowling and walking. Dancing and golf qualified for mid-level intensity. Swimming and running were put into the high-intensity group. From the 252 deaths which transpired throughout the 10 years, 75 percent were associated with stroke and heart disease, with cancer accounting for 25 percent.

Bottom line: Walking for half an hour 5 times per week isn’t enough to avoid early death by heart disease. Moderately intense exercise also neglected to decrease early death. Just the highest intensity exercise levels reduced death rates.

Progress Naturally!

Be smart. Do not read this and then go for a 200 meter sprint flat-out. Pulling a muscle or killing yourself off to enhance fitness levels is beside the point. Anaerobic exercising is easily the most beneficial type of exercise, and it needs to be a part of any fitness program. Even so, anaerobic exercising is the most hazardous form of exercise, too. Clearance by a doctor is really a must.

A gradual build-up plan – from low, to mid-level, to high-intensity – is important. The gradual build-up will assist in preventing injuries, and it’ll develop and condition the body so that you may receive all the health benefits of increasing levels of the exercise-induced growth hormones.

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