Not Bringing the Travel Berkey Water Filter is a Travel Mistake to Avoid Along With These Other Mistakes 

Even the most experienced travelers still commit mistakes when traveling. You might have done it over and over again, but each trip is different. Some of these mistakes are laughable, while others have serious consequences. You must avoid making these errors again if you want to have a stress-free journey. One of these mistakes might be to forget to bring your travel Berkey filter water. You must have clean drinking water during the entire trip.

If you’re heading to places without access to clean drinking water, the water filter is even more critical. You think that you can rely only on bottled water for your daily supply of water, but you can’t. In some places, even bottled water is hard to find. There are no stores nearby where are you can immediately purchase one. Add to that your expenses that will start to pile up because you forgot to bring the water filter. These are other mistakes you might commit that could ruin your trip.

Bringing too many (or too little bags)

You decide how many bags you need for the trip. It depends on your destination, and the number of days you intend to have the trip. You might also have a few things you can’t live without, and it’s a mistake to leave them behind. Make sure that you pack all the necessities before you leave home. However, you also have to be cautious not to bring a lot. If you have a long layover, or your trip requires plenty of walking, you will regret that you brought too many bags. Add to that the possibility that you might incur excess baggage fees at the airport. There is no right or wrong answer regarding the number of bags you need for the trip. As long as everything you need is there, it’s good enough.

Assuming that your connecting flight is manageable

If you have to book a connecting flight, you should be conscious of the time. You need enough time to disembark from your first flight and proceed to the counter for your next flight. You should also account for the possible delays and other issues. If you only have an hour or less in between your flights, it could be a disaster. There’s a strong chance that you will miss your connecting flight. If there are no other available flights for today, you will delay your trip further. Although you care about the expenses involved in booking flights, you should think about time first. You might even end up spending more if you need to rebook flights.

Failure to grab local currency at the airport 

It’s not advisable to exchange money at your airport back home. The exchange rate might be terrible. The best option is at the airport at your destination. There are plenty of options upon arrival. If the exchange rate is still bad, you can at least get some local money first. You might need it to pay for the cab or any other local transportation option. It would be challenging to look for another currency changer elsewhere. If you arrive in the evening, all the other money changers are closed.

Not checking visa requirements 

Imagine arriving in a foreign country, and you are told that you couldn’t enter because you don’t have the correct visa. You also failed to bring the necessary documents to get in. It would be a nightmare. Therefore, you must understand the visa requirements before you fly to another country. In some places, the visa upon arrival is issued. In other countries, you have to get a visa back home. There are also mutual agreements between countries to waive the visa requirements. However, these are privileges that could change at any time. Make sure that you are updated before you travel since anything could change.

Failure to call your credit card company

You need your credit card if you have to make purchases in another country. In some places, most transactions are done online or using credit cards. Bringing cash isn’t advisable. If you failed to inform your bank that you’re traveling to another country, your credit card transactions might be denied. Let the bank know when you intend to leave the country, and when you’re coming back.

Planning too many activities

There are times when you only have a few days to go on a trip. Despite that, you still want to make the most of it. Therefore, you decided to have a detailed itinerary involving too many activities. You didn’t consider that you could also get exhausted. If you pack too many activities in a day, you will not enjoy the experience anymore. Make sure that you have a reasonable schedule, and you also take into account traffic and other causes of delay.

Always looking for the cheapest option 

Sure, being practical is a good thing. You need to look for ways to save money since traveling could be expensive. However, you should also consider that some of these cheapest options aren’t the best. For instance, if you chose the cheapest accommodation, it might not be comfortable enough. The same thing is true with the flights. If you chose an unknown budget carrier, you could end up with too many issues during your flight. There’s nothing wrong and looking for ways to save money for a short trip, but you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort and convenience. If you have to deal with too many issues, the trip won’t be exciting anymore.

Always remember these mistakes so that you won’t commit them on your next trip. Try to list all of them so you won’t forget anything. You should also learn from your experience. If you encountered a problem before, it should never happen again. Traveling shouldn’t always be just about having fun. Safety, convenience, and health are part of the process. Make sure that you planned every detail so you can go home feeling satisfied with the whole trip.