Necessary Qualities That Every Good Mixologist Should Have

One of the most important factors in any cocktail experience is the quality of the beverage served to you. Every cocktail needs to be executed with proper technique and skills, no matter what ingredients or drinks the mixologist is using. The more experienced the mixologist is the more unique and inventive their drinks will be. But there are certain necessary qualities that make a good mixologist and his drinks great. These skills are essential if you want to improve the footfalls in your bar and impress your customers:

  • Service is foremost- Of course, a good service is necessary in whatever work you do, but when it comes to serving cocktails to your customers, you have to put some extra efforts. A great mixologist should be able to engage their customers, explain to them the drink, ingredients, and method. A customer will only remember your cocktail and services if you make them feel special.
  • Shaking- If you are a mixologist you obviously know the importance of shaking a cocktail. It is the most important technique and you have to get it right. A lazy and little ice would not chill the contents of the drink. Make sure to use a good amount of ice if you are shaking the cocktail and shake it really hard. Do it in style and make your customers ready for a splendid experience. Don’t keep shaking every cocktail just for impressing, and learn to respect the drink.
  • Stirring- Just like shaking, stirring is an equally important technique but knowing when to shake your cocktail and when to stir is what every good mixologist should know. No customer would like to have their Manhattan drink shaken and served with a layer of foam just because it was not stirred well. We know shaking looks cool and everything but that doesn’t mean you keep on shaking cocktails which are strictly meant to be stirred.
  • Garnishing- Remember, you cannot use shortcuts while making cocktails. How and with what you garnish your drink is as essential as what ingredients you are using in your drink. Experienced and talented mixologists know the importance of garnish and hence make extra efforts by using different fruits, adding complementary stuff, and much more.

The cocktail experience is unique and hence should be done at the best cocktail bars like Effervescence mixologue à domicile where mixologists are experienced and serve you their best drinks.