Lottery gambling in Indonesia

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Welcome to Indonesia

Indonesia has always been an unusual and mystic nation. And when we decide to call it an unusual nation, we have more than one logic to back it up. One of the significant elements that we would like to put our emphasis on is that the country is strategically located between two continents, namely Asia and Oceania.  What else? This beautiful and small country comprises more than 17500 islands. These islands and strategic location is what makes it a unique country of thirty-four provinces.

Indonesia has always been immensely popular with travelers of all ages, be it single backpackers, adventure seekers or people with religious mindsets, or mystic lovers, as one of the top-rated tourist destinations in South East Asia. Indonesia, a truly cosmopolitan destination point is hugely popular on the overall global tourist destination map among travelers of all age, race, caste, and creeds which takes their traveling quite seriously and is highly passionate about it.

Indonesia is widely known for its beautiful, mystic, unexplored and virgin sea beaches, for its numerous and beautifully nestled resorts with all the modern amenities located at a few of the most beautiful location across this beautiful country, for an active and high octane nightlife which are sure enough to propel the adrenaline rush inside you, the beauty of the nation has everything just at the optimum level which is sure enough to mesmerize almost everyone on tour to explore this island nation. Be sure to carry memories once on tour to Indonesia.


Casino scene in Indonesia

To be flooded by travelers throughout the season, flocking here from across the globe, it is quite apparent to jump to the conclusion that the casino scene in Indonesia must be a flourishing and exciting industry to be in. But the same is not right for this Island Nation.

Let’s clear the myth.

When we talk about casinos and the overall gambling scene here in Indonesia, there is no bingo hall, casinos, poker rooms, or betting shops. These are operational in this exciting zone where people can try their luck and spin their fortune, unlike many other nations across the globe which are equally famous for tourists worldwide. Earlier, there used to be a state-run lottery for citizens and tourists alike to try their luck on. It was too shut down forcefully in the view of massive protest by a specific community within the country. This complete scenario has not done enough to restrain the gambling, and casino tables or arcade games are still a common sight in major Indonesian cities, which houses a few of the top-rated tourist destinations.

These casino tables and arcade games do not offer any safety blanket to the customer visiting it as there is a high chance of it getting raided by the authorities and enough to hand over the imprisonment of upto 3 to 5 years for anyone caught involved. That makes online gaming sites where you can try your luck on poker, lottery, and online games relatively less risky.


Knowing that gambling is illegal in Indonesia, there are numerous casino games available for citizens of Indonesia. On these online Indonesian game slots, people can place bets on sporting events and play table games, such as poker, lottery, and other similar games to what you would find elsewhere in the world and test their fortunes.

But still, just in case you want to have a good time and are eager to test your fortune, here we have few websites that could be low risk and dependable for all those gambling instincts.


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JackpotCity Casino

1XBet Casino

22Bet Casino

So whether you want to test your fortune on games such as Pai Gow Poker, Slots, video poker, three card poker, Baccarat,  or want to have a few good moments with your partners in crime which you can cherish for the time to come while exploring Indonesia, these are relatively low-risk avenue.


Now that is quite close enough to provide you with a much-needed level of insight when we talk about online gaming, poker, and the lottery scene in Indonesia. Choose wisely.