Key Things to Have in Your New Bathrooms

If you are planning to construct new bathrooms in your home then it is the right time to think of all the luxuries and essentials you want to incorporate. Bathroom remodeling is possible in future but you would not like to do it in near future as it incurs lot of money, time, and efforts. To avoid the pain of remodeling and reconstruction in future, keep following key things in mind while planning the design of your new bathrooms

Extra Space Matters – Even if you have allotted a bigger space for bathroom construction, proper planning of the space matters. Extra spacious bathrooms offer more luxurious experience compared to the cramped bathroom where you may end up bashing your arms to the walls every now and then. It is not possible to add extra space to the bathroom but you can save lot of space by planning for recessed toilet paper holders, soap dish, and cabinets. A little space saved at one place can also make a major difference to your bathroom. 

Lighting – Natural light can be a major plus for the bathroom. Adding a glass to the roof or having proper ventilation planning can bring in natural light to the bathroom. Bathtubs are mostly left in dark as they are covered with the shower curtain to avoid water spillage. Plan some natural lighting in this area by having a glass window on top or fit in some ceiling light over the bathtub to keep it well-lit at all times of the day. More natural light in the bathroom would mean lower energy bills. 

Mirror Placement – Mirror placement is the key to add room and light to the bathroom. Big size mirrors in the bathroom would make your bathing experience even more special. Mirror will help you through your grooming routine and also reflect light to get more lively space. 

Color – Dark colors will make the entire bathroom look dark and small. Opt for light colors to get the feeling of more room even in smaller bathrooms. Always keep the ceilings white or off-white.

Flooring – You may think of flooring as color and design, but there is much more to be considered for bathroom flooring. Antiskid tiles are must to avoid accidents in bathroom. There are quick dry options available too.

If you still have difficulty making a choice then hire the services of experts like Karma Home Designs that would help in designing and planning the construction of new bathrooms efficiently.