Key Security Components to Protect Your Home from Danger


The concept of having a home video security system and monitoring services are nothing new, and many people who have them still don’t make the most of them. Here are some key features of modern systems that should be taken advantage of.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

While smoke makes its presence known rather quickly in most cases, homeowners aren’t likely to suspect anything is amiss if there is a carbon monoxide leak in the home. Odorless, colorless and fatal, carbon monoxide detection is the ideal complement to any smoke alarm detection system connected to home monitoring.

Glass, Door and Environmental Sensors

The beauty of home automation and home security streamlined is a winning combination. Want to know when a door or window is broken, opened or unlocked? How about if you’re on vacation and inclement weather cruises in and leaves your home flooded or at risk for freezing pipes?

You can be alerted to these environmental and hardware related issues if you have 24/7 monitoring and a smart home security system. While you might be able to act yourself in some situations, you can at least recruit a neighbor or relative to come and resolve certain issues or take preventive actions on your behalf.

A Home Video Security System is Essential

One would be hard-pressed to find residential security options that don’t include some type of home video security system. Cameras record in high-definition in real time and can store hundreds of hours of footage. These systems can be set to activate upon sensing motion or roll 24/7 if users prefer. Viewers can watch live streaming or pull up footage to determine the cause of alerts—even if they are halfway across the world!

With these features in place backed with the support of a highly skilled monitoring company, your family can feel secure day and night.