Information about Carpet Materials

Although not a new option, carpets are popular among people. With the passage of time, there is no decrease in the demand for carpets. Placing carpet on the floor is the easiest way to add beauty and charm to the home. The life and strength of the carpet depend on the materials. One should purchase the carpets after getting full information about the materials. It is wrong to say that one material is better than others. All the materials offer different benefits. Just you need to choose the right material for the area where you want to install the carpet. For example, if you want to place the carpet in the living room then you should consider those materials which are easy to care for. So if you want to enjoy the full advantage of the carpets, you must buy the carpet after getting proper information about the materials. Some of the popular materials of carpets are described below which are commonly used in their manufacturing.

There are two types of carpets. One is natural carpets and the second is synthetic carpets. As the name suggests natural carpets are made from the materials which are naturally found on our earth. Natural materials are obtained from plants and animals. Whereas in the manufacturing of synthetic carpets, man-made or artificial fibers are used. Now, let’s explore the name of materials.

Natural Materials

  • Coir Carpets

Coir carpets are very strong and durable carpets. The coir carpets offer long life and provide money’s worth. These carpets are water-resistant and are good ones for the washroom and kitchen. Due to the toughness of the coir, it is also used in the doormats. The drawback of coir carpets is that they are not soft. However, they need less effort for maintenance.

  • Jute Carpets

Jute is a naturally durable and soft material, which can add elegance to any space of the home. With their original colors, the jute carpets can blend in well with many types of decor. These carpets are less expensive and anyone who wants to add the natural element in the space without putting a burden on the pockets, can go with jute carpets. They require less maintenance and care.

  • Seagrass Carpets

Seagrass carpets are very easy to clean because they do not attract dust. They are non-allergic and anti-bacterial. Seagrass carpets come with different shades of grass and they are famous for their durability. Seagrass carpets are not suitable for high moisture areas.

  • Wool Carpets

The wool is the most beloved and well-known material all over the world. Wool carpets are very rare and luxurious. They are available in different styles, shades and patterns that can be set in any traditional, contemporary and modern decor of the home. These carpets can retain the texture and maintain their lovely appearance for a long time. Wool is stain-resistant material which means it is best to use in high traffic areas. These carpets are expensive but they are long-lasting. The wool is naturally soft material means you can even sleep comfortably on wool carpets.

Synthetic Materials

  • Olefin Carpets

Olefin carpets are made from plastic materials and they are environment friendly as well. Olefin carpets are resistant to stains and water, and can be easily washed. The olefin carpets can be used in outdoor areas because they do not damage from the sunlight.

  • Nylon Carpets

Nylon is considered as the best synthetic material for the heavy foot traffic area. The nylon carpets can be used in the kid’s room where stains and spills often occur. You can easily place nylon carpets there because they are resistant to spills and stains. If you live in hot climatic conditions then you can go with nylon. These carpets stay cool in the hot summer.

  • Acrylic Carpets

Acrylic carpets are less expensive and these carpets look like wool. They are enriched with different bright colors and are best for giving the bold statement. The acrylic carpets have a shorter life span than wool.

  • Polyester Carpets

Polyester carpets can be proved as a good option if softness and colors are your main concerns. As they are soft and come in a lot of unique colors, these carpets can be suitable for any type of room decoration. Polyester carpets are stain and water-resistant, which are suitable for wet areas. The prices of these carpets are not high.