In Your Daily Life, How Can Pebbles Help You?

Gravels are the particles of rocks that have been taken mainly from hill areas. From a huge chunk of rock, you can get Gravel (ลูกรัง, which is the term in Thai), also known as pebbles. The size of a pebble is 4mm to 64mm or 0.2 to 2.5 in. Approx. weight of one cubic meter of it is 1800 Kg.

It is one of the important commercial products and it is needed in various works. Even some time to increase the beauty of a road or a garden or it is used. How the workers will use these pebbles it depends on the size of it. Various kinds of pebbles are available and they are different than each other.

Types of Pebbles

  1. Bank pebbles. You can find many pebbles that are mixing with sand and mud. These types of pebbles you can see in the Hank of a river and they are known as “bank run “.
  2. Bench pebbles. A bed of pebbles you can see in a valley. Maybe some time there a small stream ran and that is why their pebbles lie in various shapes.
  3. Crushed stones. In the hill areas if somewhere an earthquake happens and that is why the rocks crushed, there you can get stones. Sone of them are very small, almost like dust and some of them are much big than them.
  4. Pea Gravels. It is known as “pea shingle “, they are contained with small rounded stones and they look very nice. Workers use the pebbles in concrete surfaces.

The Various Uses of Gravel or Pebbles

It is used in the Constitution. Promoters use pebbles for a show, as these are good in appearance so that is used as the upper layer of the house. In a landscape, people use pebbles, and in a driving place to control the driving speed, sometimes the road is covered with tarmac.

One another importance of pebbles is in the icy roads where in the winter season the roads get closed by ice. In that situation to save people from harm, pebbles are surrounded in the road. Another use of stones is it can purify water. In a natural process using pebbles, you can get fresh water without any particle of dust. If you fling some water in the sand then after a while late, you can get fresh water to drink with maintaining its nutrients and minerals as it is.