Important Lawn Care Tips You Must Follow Religiously

A well-maintained lawn adds beauty to your house. Your house wouldn’t create a good impression if its surroundings are not up to the mark. So, if you have a lawn at your place, you must take good care of it to enhance its aesthetic charm. There are lots of shrubs, grasses, and trees you can choose the grow on your lawn. However, only planting fancy plants and trees wouldn’t be enough. Below mentioned are a few tips that you must follow to take care of your lawn like a pro:

  • Remove weeds, thatch, and moss

These pesky items can hinder the growth of plants by blocking the passage of sunlight, nutrients, and air to the roots. Lawn weeds are one such item that can easily enter your lawn, either through birds and pets or footwears. Uproot the entire weed along with its roots either by hand or by spraying pesticides over the weeds directly. Sometimes thatch also builds a layer on the topsoil, creating a blockage and affecting plant growth. Get rid of these as soon as you notice.

  • Improve drainage 

If your lawn doesn’t have facilities for the proper drainage system, you would have to face problems like waterlogging frequently. Stagnant water hinders plant growth by not allowing it to breathe. Thus, waterlogging can affect your lawn’s health considerably. If you have restricted lawn space, you can consider land grading

  • Ensure proper Aeration 

Proper aeration is integral to a plant’s growth. To ensure proper aeration, you can dig small holes side by side at short intervals using a fork or a specific kind of tool or machine developed for that purpose.

  • Overseed 

Overseeding helps to rejuvenate old and worn-out lawns when the entire lawn space is sown with a great number of seeds along with an effective fertilizer. Overseeding helps to fill the damaged or thin areas of the topsoil, thereby reducing the scope of weed and moss growth and improving the lawn’s quality.

  • Topdressing 

If the soil of your area isn’t of good quality, you need to constantly renew its topsoil to ensure the lawn retains its value. Topdressing considerably improves the soil quality of your lawn, making it extra resistant to drought and facilitating proper drainage.

Sod installation is another popular method that is increasingly becoming popular among lawn owners. It is one of the most effective tips you can follow when it comes to improving your lawn’s health and texture.