How To Stop Kittens From Constant Fighting

Kittens are known for their playful trait, especially when they have a playmate at home. Felines are also known to be aggressive, and this can show right from a young age. Pet parents may, therefore, have a tough time dealing with fighting kittens as it often gets out of hand. Understanding the reasons for constant catfights may, however, help cat owners prevent frequent kitten fights. Cats are territorial animals and will fight to guard what they believe is theirs. This especially happens whenever a new kitten is introduced at home. Aggression is also another factor that sparks kitten fights, especially among male kittens. Whatever the reason, it is important to train kittens to live amicably to avoid injuries to any of your feline bestie.

Here are tips that come in handy for pet parents in stopping the constant fighting among kittens.


It is the easiest and the most obvious thing to do whenever you have two or more kittens that are constantly fighting. Ensure that each kitten has a special spot since cats are known to guard their territory jealously. This, especially, should be effected on bringing in a new kitten to the family. Ensure that each kitten has its stuff: litter box, toys, scratching post, and the feeding and drinking bowls.

Another way to effect separation is by using a large crate for incarceration. While this may seem extreme, it comes in handy for kittens that can’t give up fighting regardless of the efforts. Place one of them inside the crate with the bed and litter box while the other stays outside the crate. Do this for a week or so, while alternating the kitten that stays inside the crate. 

When things seem to have normalized between them, let them out, but don’t let them be together yet. Feed them with the best cat food in UK, play with them, and give them treats to reward good behaviour. Whenever one of the kittens initiates a fight, put him back in the crate. Doing this continually will help kittens learn to live together and eventually prevent fighting.


Kittens often get engrossed with fighting, but distraction is a paw-some way to stop the fighting before it gets serious. Pet parents should find something the kittens love, such as a toy. Whenever you interrupt them and introduce the toy, their attention shifts and therefore stop their fighting. Give treats to the most cooperative kitten to reward obedience. Soon, kittens will learn to live harmoniously.


Poor socialization is a major reason for constant kitten fights. As such, it is upon pet parents to ensure that kitten share space and get along. Socialization is especially essential whenever you bring in a new kitten. Organize training sessions for both kittens where they get to play together and share feeding and drinking bowls without fighting. 

Constant fighting among kittens can be managed and stopped by separation, distraction, and training them on how to socialize. However, vets and animal behaviourists may also help whenever fighting cases persist among your kittens.