How To Select The Right Eyebrow Color

Finding the right eyebrow color is not as easy as many usually think. To assist individuals in finding the right eyebrow colors for them, professional stylists have come up with various methods. These methods include matching your eyebrow color to the color of your hair, choosing your eyebrow color based on the tone of your skin, and applying the eyebrow color you like to your skin before applying it to your eyebrow. In this article, we will discuss these methods, and hopefully, by the time you’ll be done reading this article, you’ll be well-informed on how to select the correct eyebrow color for you.

Matching Your Eyebrow Color to Your Hair Color

It’s important to note that different hair colors tend to go perfectly with varying eyebrow colors. If you’ve got black or brown hair, it’s in your best interest to choose a shade that’s 1 or 2 shades lighter. You can also go for a soft brown color. By choosing such shades, you need not worry about your eyebrows looking too dark or unnatural. If you’ve got blonde or slightly light brown hair, you should go for a shade that’s 1 or 2 shades darker. These shades will give your eyebrows some definition, thus making them stand out. However, the shade you choose should be adequately light so as to ensure your eyebrows look natural. If you’re blessed with red hair, selecting a blonde eyebrow color would be wise. This is because blond eyebrow colors, if applied well, usually complement red-toned hair.

Choosing Your Eyebrow Color Based on Your Skin Tone

Skin undertones usually impact how good-looking a given eyebrow color is. Thus, before settling on a given eyebrow color, making sure it complements your skin undertones is essential. If you’ve got light skin with pink undertones, it’s advisable that you select an ashy blonde eyebrow color. If you’re a fan of ashy blonde-colored eyebrows, you should consider trying a light brown color. It’s safe to say that both colors will complement your skin amazingly. If you’re lucky to have olive skin, you should consider settling on a light to medium brown color. By choosing a light to brown color, you can rest assured of looking pretty glamorous. If you boast of dark skin, it would be best if you selected medium brown eyebrow colors as such colors will make your brows look superbly defined.

Applying Your Desired Eyebrow Color on Your Skin Before Applying It on Your Eyebrow

If you’d like to color your eyebrow with a given shade, it’s advisable that you apply your desired eyebrow color on your skin prior to applying it on your eyebrow. If you feel it looks appealing, you should fill it on top of and below your eyebrows. Once you’ve completed outlining your eyebrows, you should fill in your eyebrows with your eye shadow-of-choice.

Time and again, many have been able to identify their preferred eyebrow colors by following these simple methods. Hopefully, by following these methods, you too can find your desired eyebrow color.