If you are planning for spring cleaning, finding the right storage for your items is essential. North Milpitas Self storage will provide you with a mini storage space close to your home or business.


  • Start immediately after the holidays-Going through your household items during the holiday season may be difficult.

During this time, you are preparing your home to receive guests, buying gifts, and planning for winter trips. It is essential to go through your household items after the holidays as you may have received new things that may require more storage space.

Organizing your storage boxes at this time will immensely ensure that spring cleaning is made more comfortable. You can lease a mini storage space for items that require extra space at North Milpitas Self storage.

  • Organize your items- Proper organization is essential for efficient storage of household items. It is easy to access items that have been properly stored. Items that are not frequently used should be stored in well labeled cartons.

Things that may be used in the near future, should be stored near the entry to avoid having to disorganize all other items. With proper organization, you are able to identify what you need to get storage space for in the spring or what you can donate or sell-off.


Early preparation will ensure that you enjoy the spring-cleaning season every year. While this task may be overwhelming and time-consuming, starting immediately after the holidays and organizing your household items, spring cleaning will turn out to be more fun.

You will be able to go through your items smoothly while identifying what requires a mini storage without much effort.

North Milpitas Self storage staff are friendly and will provide appropriate storage solutions to make your spring-cleaning season memorable.