How to Install Solar Energy – Step by Step

Due to the constant increase in the electricity bill, installing a solar energy generation system has become an excellent option for your pocket and for the environment. Installing solar energy is easier than it seems, but it is necessary that the installation is done by a qualified team. Thanks to the backyard revolution plans, you can now build your personal solar plant at affordable prices. Installing solar energy in a home or business is already accessible to most people who pay a high electricity bill. See on this page the step by step to install solar energy.

Step 1: Understanding your electricity bill

The first step in starting your DIY backyard solar power plant project is to analyze your electricity bill and consumption. Check your electricity bill for your monthly consumption in kWh. It is based on this number that you will be able to calculate the “size” of your solar energy system. To accurately calculate how much it costs to install solar energy, you must use the average monthly energy consumption.

Step 2: Simulating the cost of installing solar energy

Based on your monthly energy consumption shown on your electricity bill, you will be able to simulate the cost of installing solar energy in your home. This is very simple and all you need to do is visit online solar energy cost simulator to fill in your monthly energy consumption in kWh, your zip code and name. With only your consumption and zip code, it is possible to calculate the average cost of the photovoltaic project of solar energy installation, as well as the number of photovoltaic panels, the annual generation of solar energy, the area required for the installation of solar panels, and the average weight per m2 of solar panel installed.

Step 3: Budget and Photovoltaic Project for Solar Panel Installation

Now that you know your monthly energy consumption in kWh and the approximate cost of installing solar energy in your home, the next step is to find qualified solar companies so you can compare and choose the option that suits you best your need. Or, if you want to invest less than $200 to install solar energy, it would be ideal to invest in backyard revolution solar system. Know your requirement, buy the products as you are told and follow the instructions and plans to get your personal DIY solar plant.

How the Solar Energy System is installed?

Based on the layout designed for the system, the installation team climbs on the roof of your home and confirms where each solar panel will be allocated. On clay roofs, the tiles are removed in the right places, and the “supports” are screwed in these points. On metal roofs, installation is simpler and the support is screwed through the metal tile itself providing security and protection against infiltration.

The fixing structures are all prefabricated, usually in aluminum. The rails are made to fit perfectly on the supports and provide a perfect place to attach the solar panels. Connect the solar panels to the solar inverter and install the inverter in the electrical network of your home. After installation and connection to the grid, the solar energy system is already producing electricity and you start saving on the electricity bill immediately.

Maintenance of the Solar Energy System

Maintenance of the solar energy system is minimal and low cost, but it must be done. Maintenance basically consists of cleaning the solar panels every year, or when the system has a drop in energy production. This cleaning is simple and done in the same way that you clean a window. The other part of maintenance is related to the solar inverter.