How To Help Your Loved One Live Comfortably in Jail

Do you have a friend or loved one in jail? Are you trying to find ways to help them live more comfortably? It should come as no surprise that jail is not an oasis and that the people serving time have a tough time feeling comfortable. They have many of their creature comforts taken away and look for anything they can do to settle into an enjoyable routine. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to make their time in jail more bearable.

Give Them Money

Just like anyone else, inmates need money to survive. With as little as $50 a month, they can live very comfortably in prison. While inmates are given their very basic essentials, they need money to buy anything else. Extras can be snacks, ice creams, drinks, or even personal items, such as extra clothes, pencils, or postage stamps. Having some control over what they eat, drink, and do all day goes a very long way in helping an inmate’s mental health. Inmate account deposit LA county services can help you get the money to your loved one.

Keep in Touch

One of the absolute best things you can do to help someone in jail is to keep in touch with them. Experts agree that isolation is one of the biggest feelings that inmates battle in jail. They need to know that they are remembered and loved. Set aside time to visit them as often as possible. When there, tell them what is going on with their family and friends. Help them stay connected to the outside world. It will give them more positive things to focus on than their time in jail.

Send Them Gifts

Before sending anything to them, you need to find out what the jail rules are. Some jails allow prisoners to have plants, while others don’t. Additionally, certain types of photos, books and magazines aren’t allowed. Once you know specifically what they are allowed, periodically send your loved one something. This will let them know you are thinking about them, and it will help them pass the time.