How To Get Your App Featured on the Google Play Store?

Why Does Google have a Featured List?

The users can easily search for the required apps from the Google play store; it contains numerous apps. You can get many apps having the same features, but it sometimes becomes difficult to identify the app that can satiate your requirements. Hence, by adding an app to the featured list, users get assurance from Google of its safety, usability, and functionality.

What Kind of Apps Does Google Feature?

You can see various kinds of apps in Google Feature; they are categorized into 32 applications. Developers categorize while listing their apps. You can get apps based on the event, business, sports, productivity, lifestyle, education, entertainment, communication, photography, parenting, tools, and many more. You can search the app store according to these categories.

Why You Should Care About Being Featured?

You can increase the visibility of the app by getting featured in the store. The users tend to download the Google featured app more. Suppose user activity will increase as they will find reasons to use them. The apps features in the play store generally have top-quality; therefore, more users find them attractive. Featuring leads to a high generation of revenue through the app. You will not need much effort to get your app seen; you will benefit by being on the homepage. If you want to get more comprehensive information about the featured on the play store, click here!

5 Tips to gain more visibility in Google Play.

-Analyze Other Featuring Apps

You can analyze the features of the apps that get featured in Google Play. The security features used by them the appearance of the app. You can also focus on the way they approach the requirement of the users.

– Analyze your competition

When you are creating a similar app featured in the list, you must analyze the point highlighted by the competitor. The features that the app has in it and ease of use factor in them. You can gain visibility by including the features that are missing in their app.

– Promote Your App

You can create advertising campaigns on Google for promoting your app. Focus on getting organic downloads only and never purchase reviews. Then make a specific page for your app on social networking sites. You can ask people to provide their feedback on the app. You can promote your app within other apps.

– Improve Your UI & UX

When it comes to the interface, do not clutter it with information. Keep the UI and UX of your app clean and provide the only necessary information. You can use colors that are soothing to the user’s eye and avoid using bold colors. The button and menus must be clear and function properly.

– Measuring of Your App

Always consider evaluating your app in comparison to other similar apps in the store. If you want your app featured, then try to bring improvement daily. Concentrate on the other app in the store and the user users for whom you are developing the app.