How to Get Guest Writers for an Established or New Blog

If you wish to grow your blog, you will need to publish more content on your site. It will help in increasing engagement with visitors. It will be difficult for a single person to meet this growing need for the website. 

One of the ways that you can do is to either add new writers to your existing team, or find guest writers who will write and publish fresh posts consistently on the website. While the first option is quite complex and expensive for a new business, guest submissions are a good way to add diversity to your existing blog.

You will need useful tools like the Simple Author Box Pro plugin to create different types of author’s box. This WordPress author box will make it easier to give credit to the contributions of all your guests below their posts. 

Now we shall talk about the best ways to get guest writers for your blog.

Ways to Get Guest Bloggers for Your Website  

You need to have the right strategy to get bloggers for the website. Here we have listed a few steps that can help. 

Pay attention to what qualities do you want in an author

To get high quality guest posts, it becomes imperative to choose on the right guest bloggers. Below are the attributes that you should look for in a guest blogger are:  

  • Experience in the niche of the blog
  • Willingness to adapt to the style of the blog
  • Proficiency in writing engaging and creative posts

Look at the right places

To find guest bloggers, you need to create an active community for the blog.  You can start by writing comments on other blogs. Become active on social media, and promote your website.

Let others know that you are inviting guest bloggers to post content on your website. You will need to do Google search to find out what guest bloggers write for your competitor websites. Check their bio and contact them. 

Have a landing page for guest posting:

Your website must have a dedicated landing page that allows guest posting. This page should provide all information that will help guest bloggers to register themselves and learn about the benefits that they will get by publishing on your website. 

Recognize their efforts

Once you get guests posts on your blog, you should give them attention and show your support to them. One of the ways is to follow them on social media channels such as Twitter and other social networking websites.

Add Gravatar

Gravatar is one of the ways to reciprocate affection and make them feel loved. It can be in the form of providing them traffic, visibility, or brand awareness. The addition of a backlink and a Gravatar will help them to get the much-needed exposure. 

Let writers promote their works 

The addition of an author box plugin is recommended. Simple Author Box Pro plugin is one of the best author plugins for WordPress to add information about guest bloggers. This plugin can help you easily add or modify the author box. 


With guest posts, you can add variety, distinctive, and newness in your posts. It will help in figuring out the ways to attract top talent, as well as motivate them to contribute. Getting a guest writer is easier for established blogs, but is tricky for newer websites. By using the above tips, you can encourage excellent submissions of guest posts.