How to Choose the Right Water Filter System: A Berkey Water Filter Review

Deciding to buy a water filter system is a good investment. Unfiltered water contains harmful compounds such as pharmaceutical residues, PFCs, arsenic, and heavy metals.  For more Berkey water filter reviews, visit the official USA Berkey website

Fortunately, removing these particles is made easier with the use of the right water filter system. This investment can preserve your family’s health in the long run. Hence, choosing the right machine is crucial. There are hundreds of options at Berkey water system products.

Today, we are going to help you choose the right water filter system. Below is a comprehensive guide that will help you make the right investment when it comes to water filters.

Before buying

Here are the following things that will keep you informed when buying a water filter:

Determine your water supply

Knowing your water supply will help you to determine what exactly you’re trying to remove. Here are the following was to determine the source of your water:

  1. Ask for Municipal Water Tests from the Environmental Working Group

If you are a resident of the United States, you can easily find a database by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). This database will give you results of up to 20 million tests in over 40,000 municipalities in America. During their conduct, they found out that there are over 300 pollutants in the water supply.

Use this data to know what compounds you are trying to remove from your water supply. Most of these compounds are not regulated. Hence, it can cause widespread contamination.

  1. Water Quality Reports by the Water Utilities

Every year, water suppliers will issue a water quality report. This data will help you to determine the contaminants in your water supply and what chemicals they are using to disinfect the water before it reaches your home. On the way to your house, water will most likely pick up some new chemicals until it reaches your faucet. When this happens, you need to consider doing a home water test.

  1. Home Water Tests

Home water test is effective in determining the exact make-up of the water coming from your faucet. It also helps you to determine the level of chlorine, bacteria, and pesticide in your water. You will know the hardness and the pH level. This is crucial especially if your source of water is a well. Test the water twice in a year and send it to your local lab for a water test or conduct your own test at home. That way, you will know what compounds you should target removing. This factor is important when buying a water filter.

Choosing the right water filter

Now that you know what’s lurking in your water, it’s time to find the right model to buy. Here are the following factors to consider when buying Berkey water system products:

  1. Removal of contaminants and impurities

The main purpose of a water filtration system is to remove contaminants and impurities from your water before it reaches your faucet. Hence, you should buy a water system that is capable of eradicating these harmful substances.

To be safe, choose water filters that can remove up to 40 contaminants. Depending on the number of contaminants you are planning to remove from your tap water, you should get a filter that can get rid of it.

Also, choosing the right type of water filter matters. For instance, when it comes to removing chlorine and organic compounds, Activated Carbon filters are the most ideal. UV filter systems are designed for removing arsenic, sulfates, and other heavy metals.

  1. Check the filtration rate

It is crucial that you check the daily filtration rate of your water filter when purchasing. This rate refers to the amount of filtered water your Berkey water system can generate in a day. Make sure that your regular water consumption should fit the maximum gallons of water that the water filter can produce. The filtration rate should exceed the water consumption in your family. It assures you that you don’t worry about the water shortage anymore.

  1. Check the quality of water

Aside from removing the contaminants in the water, your filter should be able to improve your water quality. It means getting rid of any smell or aftertaste from your tap water. The machine should be able to maintain a healthy pH level so that you can still enjoy the natural minerals that your body needs.

In any case that your water does not contain a lot of harmful substances, you may opt for an active carbon filter. This type of water filtration system preserves the natural minerals for your body’s needs. Or you can choose a filter with remineralization features that will add the important minerals into the water during the filtering process.

  1. Easiness of installation

As much as possible, you should buy a water filter that is easy to install. Your budget will determine the filtration rate, storage capacity, and number of filtration stages that your machine will do. Keep in mind that the more filtration stages it has, the more expensive the machine is.

Aside from the upfront cost, you also have other expenses to consider. Check the price of the cartridges that needs to be replaced now and then. You should also determine the electricity that your Berkey water system consumes. Avoid buying filters that does not fit your household needs.

  1. Maintenance

Lastly, you should consider the maintenance of your water filtration system. You need to change the filter cartridges after some time of using it. Make sure to avoid models that needs frequent replacement of cartridge.

Some complex models require pretreatment of the water to maintain the filter’s durability. If you have hard water, then it requires water softener so it won’t lead to build ups of magnesium and calcium in your filter parts.

Since your water filter plays a vital part in preserving your family’s health, you need to take good care of it. The machine should always be in excellent working condition so that it can give you endless supply of pure and safe drinking water.


Buying Berkey water system can be intimidating for the first time. But if you take these factors into consideration, you’ll find the perfect water filter for you and your family. Take your time researching and inspecting different water filters so you end up with the right model for you. In search of the perfect water filtration system, you must be a smart buyer to make the right investment.