How to Choose a Right Laptop For Yourself

Laptops have become an indispensable tool for most college students or office workers. But sometimes we don’t know the parameters of the computerwhen choosing to buy a laptop. So we can’t buy a suitable one. It is difficult to return the laptop. So we should do some make some preparations before the purchasing. After all, a laptop may accompany us for at least three to five years.

When buying a laptop, you can look at these parameters, CPU, graphics card, memory, storage and screen color gamut. Take the new HONOR MagicBook Pro released by HUAWEI for example.

HONOR MagicBook Pro has all the features you need to create. From photo editing and 3D rendering to watching movies and TV and playing large games. The AMD Ryzen 5 4600H processor and integrated AMD Radeon Graphics enable users to accomplish heavy tasks.

Graphics cards are the pursuit of game lovers and professionals. Light users of laptops can consider the graphics card model. The own nuclear display of CPUis enough. At present, there are two manufacturers of graphics cards, Avida and AMD. If you are a game lover, you would better to choose the GTX 10 series graphics card. This kind of graphics card isdesigned to run large games, such as GTX1060 or GTX2070 of 20 series and the new 30 series graphics card. Of course, the price of a laptop with this kind of discrete graphics card will be much higher.

There are now two kinds of storage disks. One is SSD solid state disk and the other is mechanical hard disk. The biggest difference between the two lies in the speed of reading and writing. Solid state drives are better than mechanical hard drives in all aspects, except for the price at the same capacity. The price of a 128G solid-state drive is equivalent to that of a 500G mechanical hard drive. You would better to use solid-state drives if the budget is large.

The last one is the screen color gamut. The higher the screen color gamut, the more colors you can display. And you can see through the screen more realistic. The higher the color gamut, the less tired our eyes will be when watching.

These are the general parameters to pay attention to when choosing a laptop. Choosing the right laptop can help us save some unnecessary expenses. I hope this article can help you.