How sustainable livelihood programs eliminating poverty in people’s lives?

The concept of sustainable livelihood is developed to put more resources for people to increase their food supplies globally. There are some things available to highlight the key functions and trends in sustainable livelihood programs. The programs of livelihood will be categorized into three types and its definition is listed below.


The number of agencies conducts the program with the compression of activities, assets, and capabilities which are required for living.

Sustainable livelihood

It is different from livelihood. A vast number of agencies will work to cope with people living in a sustainable manner to set them free from stresses or shocks. Also, they conduct activities for people to maintain or enhance their capabilities of assets to live without undermining the natural resources.

Household Livelihood

Certain agencies will help for the deserved people to meet their basic needs through income and resource with adequate and sustainable access.

Core principle and objectives of sustainable livelihood

Sustainable livelihood is the process of formulating the skill development activities for people to come out of their property. The way of approach in livelihood programs will differ according to the people’s requirements. In this sustainable livelihood framework, you can meet the changes in objectives, scope, and priorities. The suggested indicators have been generating within the environmental portfolio for an individual to generate income.

The framework of the sustainable livelihood

The skills, assets, and approaches are the main objectives used in the livelihood programs. The sustainable framework was designed for communities and individuals to survive without undermining natural resources. This framework is not only applicable to poor people it is also suitable for the people who are affected by the stress or crisis.

Objectives in the sustainable livelihood framework

The interrelation of objectives in the sustainable livelihood framework indicates the different strategies which influence livelihoods. The summary of the objectives in the sustainable livelihood framework is listed below for your consideration. The links and adaption in the framework will change according to project needs.

  • People-Centered
  • Responsive and participatory
  • Multi-level
  • Conducted in partnership with private and public sectors
  • Dynamic
  • Sustainable

The link to sustainable livelihood programs will cycle within the above-listed objectives to avoid negative approaches.

Categories of key capitals in sustainable livelihood

With the help of agencies, advisory committee and institutes, the sustainable livelihood framework was developed. You can find the five capitals in the framework to affect choices around subsistence. The list of five keys in the sustainable livelihood framework is listed below.

  • H – Human Capital
  • N- Natural Capital
  • F-Finance Capital
  • S- Social Capital
  • P- Physical Capital

Each capital in the framework has its own characteristics to create a connection between people and the environment resources. The above-listed capitals are assets for the people to expand their livelihood opportunities.

Wrapping up

Think, you get how the sustainable livelihood programs are transforming the bottom line of poor people. You can use the framework as a checklist to know how it is responding to poor people’s views.