How Can You Raise Super worms at Your Home?

Knowing how to raise your superworms at home is a valuable skill if you’re a reptile pet owner. Superworms are quite similar to mealworms, but they are much bigger and have higher calcium content, which is more suitable for pets.

Superworms are an excellent source of protein for large reptiles as well as some other species. Raising them is a relatively straightforward process. Unlike crickets, they don’t make noise or smell bad, making them advantageous feeder insects to breed.

Raising superworms at home will save you time and money, or you can additionally purchase high-quality worms from reputable online pet sellers like

Why Should You Raise Superworms?

These sorts of large nutritious insects can be fed to many pets, such as geckos and other lizards. They contain nearly 17.5% protein and 11% calcium. They are considered to be the perfect insects to breed due to their high nutrient content.

Steps Needed To Raise Superworms

Follow the below-mentioned steps to raise superworms at home.

Pupating Larval Superworms

You need to purchase 50 to 100 high-quality live superworms. Since you’ll be feeding them to your pet, it is recommended to buy them from reputable sellers.

Housing the Superworms in Partitioned Craft Boxes

You can use a plastic film canister, condiment cups, partitioned craft boxes, or empty plastic cosmetic jars to place each pupating superworm. Now, drill a small hole in the lid of each container for better ventilation.

Isolating them in dark containers will simulate the pupation process, which might take up to 5 months.

Put a Little Substrate in Each Container

Use oatmeal or wheat bran to cover the bottom of the container. The substrate will serve as both a bedding and nourishment source for the superworms. Make sure you don’t put any other food in the box since any food source can slow down the pupating process.

Place the Box in a Warm and Dark Place for At Least Ten Days

Once you put superworms and substrate in the container, place that container in a dark area such as a drawer or cabinet. Make sure the area is warm, around 80 °F.

If you are using transparent or translucent containers, it is vital to keep the superworms in a dark place.

Check To See If They Have Transformed Into Pupae

Check the container over the next week to 10 days. After a few days, you will notice that most of the superworms have curled up into an “e” or “c” shape. By the end of the week, they will transform into an ”alien” looking pupae with a cream-colored body and ridges that will become legs.

If you see any larvae that are straight or black, they’re probably dead. Remove those dead beetles and larvae regularly.

Provide regular fruits and vegetables and nutrient-rich water gel to superworms. A larva reaches its full size when it’s about 2-inches long.

If you have more than one reptile pet, it is recommended to breed superworms at home or buy only quality worms from online pet suppliers.

Raising and breeding your insects at home is always a better choice as you can see what they eat and drink. This way, you can ensure that they are of the highest quality.