How can you navigate in SportsSwaps between the market and events?

In this article, we will discuss how you can navigate between the SportsSwaps market and live events. Also, we will discuss how to create your account and different type of swaps in the market.

How to create your account in this market?

Creating your account in this market is just like buying candy from a candy store. This is because creating an account in the prediction market or on the sports swaps website is very easy. There are only a few things that you need to do to create your prediction account. This account can also be used in gambling and other activities.

To open an account, you will need to go on the main page of the sports swaps website and click on account. Then you will have two options to use an old account if you have one or to create a new one. You have to click on create new account option, and it will take you to a new page.

On this page, you will see the option of entering your email ID, username, password, and date of birth. After you have entered all this information, you will have to click on submit and wait. You will be told to verify your prediction account from the mail that has been sent to your email ID.

After you verify your account, you can now use it to do predictions in the market. Another thing is that after verifying, you will have to invest some money in your account to start predicting.

What are the different types of swaps in the market?

There are usually four main categories of swaps that are available in the market, which you can choose from. These swaps each have different meanings, and they have their separate market where you can predict. These are not like the normal kind of swaps that you find in the market. Here is the list of four types of swaps that are also found on this website.

  •  Game swaps

These are the prediction option which is available for a whole game. This means that in this kind of swap, you will predict if a team will win or lose a game.

  •  Team swaps

This means that in this kind of swap, you will be asked questions about the team and its players. Here you will predict the score a team will make and a score that the team cannot achieve.

  •  Player swaps

These are the swaps in which you will be asked a question about certain players in a team. This means you will have to predict which player will score more and which will become MVP.

  •  Future swaps

These are the question that will be based on the matches that will be played in the future. This means you will have to predict the matches that will be happening in the future.

How to navigate in sports swaps?

It is very easy to navigate in sports swaps as everything you will find on the home page. If you want to predict in a live event, match or withdraw, deposit or check history, it is all there.