Great Choice of the Anal Plugs for Your Choices Now


An anal plug is a sex toy that is inserted into the buttocks to stimulate this highly innervated and potentially erogenous zone, in both men and women. It can be stored without gene, provides pleasant sensations, allows you to have your hands free to explore other sensitive parts of the body, and above all, it has a brake that blocks the plug at the entrance to the anus and prevents it from getting lost in the body, practical.

What form of plug to choose?

With a fine point it is more comfortable for insertion, always with a dab of lubricant because it is an area that does not lubricate by itself.

Then, of course when you start you avoid having eyes bigger than your heart, don’t you, at the risk of not assuming. I invite you to take a look at our selection of butt plugs for beginners.

Finally, the shape recommended for you gentlemen and the slightly curved anal plug that will press strategically where it feels good, that is to say on the prostate, the famous point P.

What material?

It all depends on the preferences of each and everyone. Hypoallergenic silicone is a good option because it is non-porous, easy to clean and soft on contact with the skin. However to play on the firmness of the stimulation, the visual and the temperatures, it is possible to opt for an anal plug in glass, metal or even wood!

Vibrations or not?

Again, you have to test to find out what you like. Some will prefer the movement of the prostate massagers, others will just appreciate being able to move the toy manually, finally there are those who are fans of the vibration to each his hobby. At times the Vibrators are also used.

By the way, how is it used?

It’s very simple: for naughty games between consenting adults or to prepare an anal report, we start by gently massaging the anal flower with lubricant then slowly inserting the sex toy until the brake by making short breaks to get used to the intrusion of the toy and take the time to appreciate each sensation. There are also remote control plugs, games of the ultimate in complicity in a very naughty version with the Nuo de Je Joue for example.

Fragile, rigid and suitable for temperature games like glass, ceramic has a very soft texture. Technically, ceramic is porous, but vitrified ceramic, used in making sex toys, has a non-porous surface.

Vibrating or non-vibrating? 

When a woman knows what she wants

Well everywhere else women value equality, only in bed they still seem reluctant. According to the “Simplified Sex” study, 60 percent of men want women to take the initiative more often.