Generica Levitra Quality and Efficiency

Unfortunately, in today’s world, a lot of men suffer from potency disorders, and there are many reasons for this: chronic diseases, poor lifestyle, unbalanced diet, psychological complexes. There are many drugs for solving erectile dysfunction, one of which is Levitra. This drug copes flawlessly with the task at hand and guarantees success in the plan of love.

Effect of Levitra Generica

Levitra is a very popular remedy to combat intimate impotence, which successfully competes with similar drugs. The active ingredient in this drug is vardenafil, which belongs to the selective inhibitors of FDE-5 type. Positive effect is achieved due to the complex influence of two factors:

When sexual arousal occurs, there is a release of nitric oxide in the nerve endings of the penis, which activates the enzyme guanylate cyclase. Thanks to which, there is a relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis.

The substance vardenafil blocks the release of phosphodiesterase enzyme, which cleaves guanylate cyclase, while maintaining the amount of nitric oxide at the maximum mark. This enhances the processes in the male penis, which help to maintain a sufficient erection for sexual intercourse


Levitra is a guaranteed way to get a strong and lasting erection with a lot of advantages. This is a fast-acting drug that can be used regardless of age. It’s effective even for men suffering from diabetes type 1 and 2. The fertility function does not suffer, so the possibility of pregnancy is quite real.

Side effects

There are practically no side effects, but as with any drug there are, although it is very rare, less than 1%. Headache and dizziness, mild nausea, in rare cases vomiting, visual impairment, excessive drowsiness, pain in the chest area may occur.

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