Garden Rooms and the Perfect Utility in All Options

You are always safe under your roof thanks to the galvanized steel gutter strip that can support a weight of 80 kg per m² (without safety margin even 100 kg / m²) and the strong 6063-T6 aluminum. The garden rooms are also provided with a CE mark. This means that your roof meets all European building standards. Still unsure about the assembly? Then take a look at the installation film and read the installation manuals so that you can make a good estimate of the required skills and then make your choice.

Create your ideal garden room

You can put together your own combined garden room and shed so that it meets all your wishes. Choose from a classic or modern style and determine the color: matte cream or matte anthracite. Also select the desired roof type. The range includes glass and various types of polycarbonate.

Would you like to know more about the properties of the different roof types?

View the product information. Dress up your outdoor room further with attractive and functional accessories, such as decorative strips and door handles. These are available in the same color as your outdoor room. Do you also want to make the room as warm and comfortable as possible? Place weather strips on the sides of the sliding glass doors.

This prevents drafts that pass between the panels. An additional advantage: mosquitoes also stay outside your garden room. Do you want to know if a garden room is also for you? Visit our showroom. Here you can view canopies in different colors and styles. We advise you to take a number of photos of the location and to determine the correct dimensions in advance. Our survey film can help with this.

Pick up your garden room immediately

Want to enjoy your garden room as soon as possible? When you pick up your roof, you still have it on the day of order. Picking up orders is possible 7 days a week. While we prepare all the materials for your garden room, we are happy to offer you a cup of coffee at our showroom. Always come with two people to load the heavy items and provide a glass stand to safely transport any glass plates.

He is a lover of the garden and the outdoors. Are you looking for more space in your house, but also a place to sit at your house or in the garden? Then you’ve probably already searched the internet, maybe looked on Pinterest for inspiration or made a survey in the area. If you want to enjoy all year round, you can opt for a conservatory extension or a garden room, for example.

A conservatory probably sounds more familiar to you than a garden room. But what is the difference between a conservatory and a garden room? On a birthday this might give the necessary discussion. We have the answer to this question.

About the conservatory

A conservatory is being built on your house, breaking the facade so that the space really becomes part of the house. It is important that the insulation and ventilation is adapted to this. Often it concerns a glass conservatory with French doors, a considerable investment of course. There is often a lot of renovation involved with the extension of a conservatory.