Fun Ways To Keep In-Touch With Grandparents

In this fast past life, it’s essential to take time to reach out to your elderly family members. Communicating regularly with them is crucial because many of them spend a lot of time at home and don’t have the luxury of visiting with friends very often. To ward off loneliness, here are a few fun ways to keep in touch. 


The phone is the number one way to connect with friends and family. You can make a simple phone call fun by telling jokes, working on a crossword puzzle or watching a movie together. If they are more technologically savvy, you can take it a step further by having a video call.


It is always exciting to receive something in the mail, both for kids and grandparents. Have children make artwork, poems or stories to send to family. Have grandparents write cards or letters back as keepsakes for your children. On vacations, send a quick postcard letting them know you are thinking of them. It is a great way to share sightseeing adventures with them. 


Sharing photos of your children as they grow and experience everyday life is a great way to include extended family members. If you use your cell phone for photography, automatically back up shots to a cloud server. You can then create files and share them online with others. Social media accounts and blogs are other great resources for sharing photos digitally. If your grandparents prefer prints, you can upload pictures directly from your cell phone to various photo sites that allow you to order and mail prints straight to your loved ones. 

There are many fun ways to stay in touch with grandparents and elderly family members. Reaching out to them is so important because you don’t want them to be lonely, and it allows your children to develop a very special relationship with them.