Five skills every luxury retail stylist should have

Ask yourself, why do people choose you over others? Do you have the skills to stand out from the crowd? Becoming an expert takes time and persistence. What matters is your eagerness to learn.

Are you serious about your profession or doing it to earn a few bugs? If the reason is former, you can have the desired success over a period. Why do people embrace some of the stylists?

For instance, Salem Moussallam a Toronto based stylist and designer who has worked with the top editorials, fashion, and celebrity brands. Salem Moussallam stories have been published in the hottest magazines like Zink Magazine, Dress to Kill and etc and he is well known for his professionalism, industry knowledge, and attention to detail.

Learn to be customer-centric:

Your business revolves around the customer. The purpose of every business is to cater to the needs of the customer to make them fully satisfied. What if the desired product is not available at the store? Will you bluntly say no or consider it as a challenge?

Convince the customer to go for a similar product; here your skills come into play.

Communication Skills:

You have to deal with different kinds of people the whole day long. Can you mold yourself according to the people, or you have a rigid attitude? You have to interact with people according to the requirement and their behavior.

Communication skills are not only limited to conveying a message but learn, to listen to others patiently, and this particular profession requires you to listen to others’ desired products instead of imposing your views.

Product and market knowledge:

Spare some time out to polish your skills and enhance the knowledge. Are you ready to answer the varied questions asked by the consumer? Remember that you are offering stylist services; you need to have in-detail information about the product and the latest trend.

What if you did not have an idea of what is trending in the fashion industry? Will the consumer listen to you, or can develop trust? No way! Never suggest anything that you are not aware of.

A consumer expects you to give the rare design that is appraised by all the people where they go.

Decision Making:

How innovative are you? Can you choose the right accessories, a pair of the shoe quickly? Yes, you have to visualize the whole set before offering it to the customer. There is no specific study to do that. You will learn from the experience.

You have to craft the design according to the event or function. So, in this case, you need to have an analytical mind.

Try to build your patience level:

There will be scenarios where people will reject your compilation. What will you do in this case, prefer to provide the alternatives, or give up? Giving up is not a solution in any profession. Sometimes, you may find it frustrating. Learn to overcome this weakness and have persistence as your role may require offering a range of products to make customers content.