Exclusions In Travel Insurance Plans You Need To Know About

Most of the times, travellers buy a travel insurance policy without even reading the exclusions from coverage ending up regretting about it. While travel insurances are supposed to help you in case of any mishappening during the time of your travel, make sure to choose the one that works best for you. Down below are the list of some of the most common exclusions that one needs to know before opting for travel insurance:

Pre-existing health conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions are often excluded from any travel insurance. As a matter of fact, while choosing travel insurance, you need to mention your medical condition. During such a dire situation, hardly your insurance will cover for a stable health condition. On the contrary, you can always choose add-ons with your current travel insurance, to get that extra coverage that might require at times.

Dental treatment

Simply put, dental treatment includes the emergency dental expenses that are to be covered during an accident. While routine dental check-up during travel is never covered within the travel insurance, you can always check your insurer’s terms and conditions with regards to the dental treatments. In this way, you will definitely get to know about their scope of coverage in such emergency situations.

Emotional disorders

Have you ever come across any situation where the claimant is mentally or emotionally unstable? Certainly not. Some of the mental disorders that are never covered by travel insurance include bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and even depressions. So, during the travel, if you ever come across such treatments, you need to pay for such expenses.

Visiting another city/country for medical treatment

This particular type of exception is only applicable if you are travelling the purpose of seeking out medical treatment. Take for instance, if you are visiting abroad for a critical heart condition, and during the same trip, you have a cardiac arrest, your insurance policy won’t cover the expense incurred.

Pregnancy or child birth

In majority of The Travel Insurance Plans, childbirth is often excluded. Yet, if you are travelling at the brink of childbirth or with a critically pregnant condition, you can always look for the insurances that cover such instances. If you are lucky enough, you might get compensation for such condition in case anything goes wrong.

Venturing towards accident prone areas

If you are opting for international travel insurance, you might get coverage from any natural calamity if that place is certainly known for such instances. Take Japan, for example, where an earthquake is quite common. But the same coverage shall never be entertained if you are willingly visiting such dangerous areas all by yourself.

Bad weather

Your travel insurance can certainly cover cancelled or delayed flights due to bad weather, but apart from that, if you are having the idea that you can claim the insurance just because the weather was bad, so you had to call off your travel by yourself, then you are certainly wrong about that. Yet, it is always advised to look into the insurance policy so that you can get past with a suitable explanation.

Sudden change of plans

While you might suddenly call off the trip just because you had a change of heart or some urgent business came up at the last moment. In such a situation, you can never use your travel insurance to get the payment for the tickets back. One last resort, you can contact the operator to ask for the compensation while describing your situation.

During a war

Your insurance policy might cover you from a terrorist attack, but war and chaotic situations are always excluded from coverage. So, make sure to read the list of coverages, and if excluded, raising a claim for such a situation shall be utterly pointless. From the standpoint of an insurer, it is also quite understandable for such situations.

Everything else that is not listed on the coverage

Apart from all the things that we have mentioned earlier, there are several other instances, where you shall not be covered. In order to get past this guessing game, it is always advised to give a thorough reading to the entire list of coverages, and everything else that’s not mentioned in the list shall never be covered. Once you get a rough idea, you can certainly travel according to that.

Final thoughts you need to give

Before wrapping up, it is very important to understand that one needs to pay very close attention to what are the things that are not included in the travel insurance policy. Because the majority of times, people puts forward their attention to the items are the under coverage ignoring the ones that are not. Above all, before opting for travel insurance, make sure to choose the one that works best for you, not the other way around.