Daniel Snyder Receives Honors for Supporting Children

Dan Snyder is passionate about the team and the people who live in the city of Washington, D.C. Someone once said that if you want to know what a person cares about, you should look at how they spend their money. You can certainly say that about Snyder. He owns the Washington Football Team and has led the team’s charitable organization in raising millions of dollars for children’s causes.

Daniel Snyder has been the owner of the Washington Football team since 1999. He developed his compassion for football at a young age when his father used to take him to the football games in the District of Columbia. As the team owner, giving back to the community and maintaining a certain status in the National Football League and the community is important to Snyder. Both the team and Snyder have received several honors for their charitable efforts.

The Beacon House, a multicultural neighborhood organization that assists families and at-risk youth who live in the Edgewood Terrace, a Washington, D.C. neighborhood, recognized Snyder in 2010. Snyder was given the award at the City’s Edgewood Parks and Recreation Department during an event held for the football field’s dedication.

In 2010, Dan Snyder received the Youth for Tomorrow’s (YFT) Distinguished Leadership Award. Snyder received the awards for supporting the organization’s counseling center and residential school located in Bristow, Va. In the District of Columbia and the Northern Virginia area, the Center has provided annual care for over 900 people who currently do not have a place to live and children from ages 11-17 who are at-risk.

Joe Gibbs, Washington Football Coach and founder of YFT, announced the award at its annual Burgundy and Gold Banquet. According to Gibbs, before he ever thought about returning to coaching in 2004, Snyder was already supporting children at Youth for Tomorrow.

In 2019, the Charitable Foundation hosted over 115 workshops in the schools and community events for children. The workshops covered various initiatives, including children’s literacy efforts for over 38,000 fourth and fifth-grade students. The Read Program also involves innovative in-school health and wellness efforts. The program, aimed at seventh graders, served over 12,000 children in several local school districts.

The Charitable Foundation continues to expand its Loads of Love (LOL) program, which furnishes non-profit organizations and schools with washers and dryers. The program directly impacts children who are homeless or living in an unstable environment. The program’s purpose is to help remove barriers for students attending and participating in programs and sports. For some of these students, having clean clothes can be a challenge. At no cost to the students or their families, the program provides a discreet solution to that challenge. The Charitable Foundation has provided funding to non-profit organizations and over 80 schools in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.

In addition to his work with charitable foundations and organizations supporting those suffering from disasters, Snyder has provided a considerable amount of support to NCMEC, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and the Children’s National Hospital.

Snyder is one of the individuals who serve on the Board for the Children’s National Hospital Foundation. Snyder’s generosity helped pay for an emergency medical center that also serves as a trauma center. They also helped finance the establishment of a family communication center bearing the Snyder family’s name. At the 2014 Hope Awards Dinner, Dan and Tanya Snyder received the NCMEC Charles B. Wang International Children’s Award.

Learn more about Dan Snyder’s philanthropic work: https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/daniel-snyder