Curtains for Living rooms

One thing among the few most important things about curtains is their versatility. You can select different window treatments for different rooms. There is no law which demands them to be the same in the whole house, and hundreds of design patterns and styles also give you the upper hand to go for more and more and different for each room.

Every room has its importance, whether it is your office or any place at the house. A bedroom window needs different treatment compared to kitchen and dining room. So why go for the same fabric and design for it. Love romance and romantic themes but can’t do many changes in your furniture, try something on breezy fabric with a light embroidery curtain and install it in your room. It will present a sweet romantic gesture. Or you may want to make an excellent and productive impression on your guests than go on and try some heavy pleated curtain with bright and trendy colors and add some add-ons like a valance. It will leave the impact you want.

When it is a matter of decorating the living room, the place is an essential part of your house. The décor and style of the living room leave your style statement on guests, but comfort is equally important as you, and your family will spend lots of time here. Living room curtains work like a piece of art that completes the image of the room. They occupy the most crucial part of the wall of your home. Whether they are standing out or blending in with all décor themes, they pull a room together into one.

The tips given below can help you buy a better curtain and window treatment for your living room.

Style of your desire:

Due to the vast range of variety, you will always find beautiful and elegant window treatments in every price range and in every style that fits precisely into your room. Even you can go for custom made curtains to make them look unique. So it is better to decide what type and style you want for your specific room. Double panels will create symmetry and classic, whereas single panels work best in small places like attics or kitchens. Panels with fabric valance look traditional and romantic too. Pinch pleat curtains with heavy fabric depict a formal room. The most common trends for curtains these days in the living room are Tab top, pencil pleat, grommets and French pleats.

Best Fabrics for Living room curtains:

Curtains are available in every imaginable fabric. Every fabric has its perks and drawbacks. You can choose any to decorate your windows. But few are quite famous and commonly used in living rooms due to the benefits they provide to your room. Fabrics are:

  • Cotton: The most natural and breathable fabric used in curtains is cotton. Cotton is easy to maintain, and clean also, they are cheaper fabric compared to others. They are available in every imaginable color, style, and design. You can go from casual to formal, depending on the color and design you select.
  • Silk: Silk curtains are traditional and classical. They add a sense of formality to your room, especially if you go for pleats and puddle on floors. An add-on of a line may provide more privacy.
  • Linen: Linen curtains are also an economical choice with lots of colors and designs. It is light and sheer. An excellent choice for the casual living room
  • Velvet: Velvet is massive and luxurious fabric. It is a preferred choice for formal living areas and rarely used for casual rooms because it is difficult to maintain and clean velvet fabric.

Patterns and color:

Curtains take a lot of visual space, so it is essential to select the best colors and patterns according to your style and room décor. You can go for a match and blend style or try something experimental to give an energetic vibe to the room.

Size and installation of living room curtains:

Size and installation of living room curtains share great importance. A curtain with height only an inch above the floor works best for living rooms. Trying to install higher windows will give your room a dramatically changed look.