Criteria To Be Eligible For Company Secretary In Hong Kong

The company secretary is the representative of the company or firm to assure the business and commercial activities comply with the jurisdiction of Hong Kong. It is mandatory to recruit a company secretary to incorporate company in Hong Kong.

The company secretary is not only a legal requirement but also helps to connect with the administration of Hong Kong, networking with various stakeholders, preparing, organizing board meetings, etc. It benefits the business in many ways.

There are certain criteria one should meet to be a company secretary:

  • The company secretary must be a local resident of Hong Kong
  • S/he should have TCSP (Trust or Company Service Provider) License
  • S/he must be 18 years or above
  • If the company secretary is the company rather than an individual then the company must be located in Hong Kong with a TCSP license

The company secretary has several roles and responsibilities. To carry out all those functions competitively, the following characteristics are essential:

Expert In Company Administration

It is very sensible to recruit the company secretaries keen about their duties.S/he should have formal as well as professional training on secretarial services. S/he should well know about the recent developments and changes about the jurisdiction and company administration that are related to your firm and business.

Competencies In Operating Business

Company secretaries in Hong Kong are responsible for operating different business activities such as preparing for meetings, organizing, managing, and attending board meetings. They also advise the company directors on compliance with the laws of the Hong Kong government. Therefore, it is very crucial to appoint a company secretary that can build up plans and strategies to assist the development of your business.

Excellent Planner

Company secretaries with good planning skills are essential to conducting the financial activities of your business. Planning experts can navigate the future map for your company. They can predict and prevent any incident of risks. You can ensure if s/he is a good planner by investigating their previous work and experiences.

Excellent Communication Skills

The company secretary in Hong Kong has to liaise and transfer information on different levels. S/he should be capable of communicating orally and verbally with all directors, investors, stakeholders, managers, staff, and members in an effective manner. Usually, an excellent communicator is an expert in language skills, leadership, negotiation, diplomacy, teamwork, and emotional intelligence.

Genuine And Courageous

It is one of the important work ethics qualities that not only a company secretary but all the staff in the firm should possess. The company secretary maintains the record of the companies and therefore, he is well-known for all the affairs in companies. So, s/he should maintain his integrity to the firm.

Similarly, s/he should be bold and motivated to lead the business within the company administration. S/he should also be expressive to point out all the issues that may jeopardize the success and existence of the company.


Company secretaries should be devoted to their roles and duties. They should have the intention to achieve great success for the company and fulfill all short and long-term goals.

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