Creating a day trading strategy in less than a month

Day trading is widely popular among professionals. By learning to day trade, you can secure your financial freedom. But becoming a professional day trader is not so easy. You have to create a day trading strategy that will allow you to find good trades. Those who are thinking of buying an expensive trading method from the professionals are not following the right path. As a day trader, you have to evaluate your personality and find the trades without thinking about the random outcome.

Everyone says that developing a trading method takes years. However, the pro-UK traders deny this fact. They believe in precision and devotion. If you have these two qualities, you can follow the steps mentioned in this article and create a well-balanced day trading strategy in less than a month.

Fall in love with the demo account

You must fall in love with the demo account. People don’t take things seriously while in the demo trading market and thus they lose money most of the time. To establish yourself as a successful trader, you have to think about the demo account as a real one. Once you start taking things seriously you will start learning new things. For this reason, many people trade for years but still lose money. They never consider demo trading as a part of this profession. You have to rely on the demo environment throughout your career. Whenever you face a problem with the market or your strategy, you can use the demo account to revise your system.

Finding your trading zone

The trading strategy needs to develop based on simple parameters. You need to find a trading zone with a high level of accuracy. Taking the trades and following the complex market dynamics is nothing but executing the trades at the key support or the supply zone. The best strategies for trading are based on this simple rule. So, learn to use the SaxoTraderPro platform and try to take the trades at the important levels. By ignoring the minor trends in the market, you will be able to fine-tune your trading method and create a perfect strategy for trading.

Learning to embrace the losses

To embrace the losses, you must learn to take trades with strict discipline. People forget the risk exposure factor as they become more biased about an aggressive approach. Using the aggressive method is like dragging yourself into the line of fire. Embracing the losing trades becomes much harder when you start taking the trades while ignoring the key factors of trading. Start with the standard 1% rule and as you gain more experience in this market, increase the risk. But never take more than a 3% risk in any trade as it can cost your trading capital and make your life miserable.

Considering the high impact news

During the development phase of your day trading method, give priority to the news factors. It’s true that you can take quality trades with the help of technical analysis but you won’t be able to secure a big profit. Try to learn the news analysis method so that you can place your trade without thinking about the aggressive approach. Start with the major news so that scaling the trades become easier. Those who are afraid of news analysis should stay in the sidelines while major news is being released.


Now you know the key elements needed to develop a well-balanced day trading strategy. Remember, the support and resistance levels are the most important elements for traders. Avoiding the key trading zone and taking trades on retracement is a great mistake. The easiest way to finding the trending move is to follow the news data. Carefully following these steps will help you to make significant progress and it won’t take too much time to become a professional day trader.