Complete Guide in Getting the Best Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Singapore Guide And Comparison - Full Time Insurance

If you are looking for travel insurance, then you are in the right place. Many people found some complications while buying travel insurance for their trip. So, we describe a complete guide for getting the best travel insurance Singapore for those people here. Many companies provide this service but choosing the best one is more complicated. If you don’t know about travel insurance, then here you will get all information. Travel insurance is insurance, which covers the losses during travelling. When you buy travel insurance, you will make your trip relaxing and more secure.

When should you buy travel insurance?

If you want more coverage and extra benefits with zero additional payment, it will be better if you buy insurance earlier. If you ask about the best time to purchase travel insurance, it would be better if you purchase it within 15 days of the first deposit. When you buy it before a few days, you will be able to make claims in such a condition described in your policy. You can claim if your flight is delayed if your trip is cancelled or postponed etc.

You can also claim when you lost your expensive things like laptops, smartphones, cameras, etc. Most people purchase this insurance from HL Assurance because of an accident or losses during travelling. But there are also some policies which you can buy if you are travelling to explore some dangerous rides. There are many plans available, and you can buy any of the plans until the day before you leave. To purchase any of the plans, you should check and compare the different policies to get the better one.

How to purchase travel insurance?

Nowadays all the things are available o9n the internet. Similarly, you can buy or purchase insurance from online directly. You can buy it from any insurance company or insurance agency. You can discuss this topic with financial advisors. There is some travel agency that also provides this with the tour package.

To buy the best insurance policy, you should visit different companies or agencies to compare their plans. With this, you can quickly decide which one will be best for you. You can also purchase it from the offline method by visiting any insurance company. You can take help from them to solve your queries and all.

Benefits of travel insurance policy

Travel insurance policy is popular among the people who usually travel most of the time. It provides many benefits to the travelers, and here we discussed some of them.

  1. Cancellation fee: 

It will provide benefits in the case of trip cancellation or postponed flight. It covers your cancellation fee and deposits if you can’t get the flight because of some circumstances.

  1. Helps in medical cases: 

It provides coverage in medical cases if there is any severe accident or something. It provides overseas emergency medical assistance. You will get a 24 hours service if you have a travelling insurance policy. It covers your medical costs and all.

  1. Family emergency: 

With this, you can cover your expenses if your relative dies unexpectedly or he is injured. For more knowledge, you can read the family emergency policies.

  1. Cover your travelling companion: 

If you are travelling with your friends or colleagues and suddenly can’t join you for illness or injury, you can cover his travelling expenses.

  1. Theft or loss of expensive things: 

Almost everyone is taking their phone, cameras, and laptop with them to capture their memories. When you are visiting a place, you are new there, and you don’t know much about security. So, there is a chance that someone may theft your luggage or any of your essential things. At this time, you can cover those things with the help of an insurance policy.

  1. Accidental death or permanent disability: 

If you lose any of your body parts while travelling, then you will be paid a disability amount for at least 12 months after you return your home. If you die within 12 months of your trip because of any injury during travelling, then a death payment is paid to your family.

  1. Rental Vehicle excess: 

If you hire a car or motorbike for your holiday and it is stolen or has an accident during your vacations, this insurance policy will also help you.

  1. Hospital cash allowance: 

You will get a number of hospital charges if you are hospitalised for more than two days during your trip. Other than these, there are many benefits. But here we discussed some important ones.

So the above-described points are some of the benefits of best travel insurance.

Criteria to choose the best travelling insurance policies for your tour

There are different types of insurance available for different requirements. You can choose a personal trip policy or a family trip policy. If you are visiting with your family and friends, then you can purchase a multi-trip policy. Similarly, you can also purchase a single trip or annual policy. It will be best and cost-effective if you are buying an annual policy. You can buy an annual policy if you are a regular traveler otherwise, buy a single trip policy. Here we described some other things which should be there in your plan.

  • It should cover expensive equipment.
  • Covers the damages that occur in extreme sports and activities.
  • It covers medical expenses and emergencies.
  • It should cover the cancellation or postponement of a trip.
  • It should include the damages in rental bikes or cars. Etc.

So, if your insurance has the above policies in it, then you have the best one.


So, now if you are a person who is looking for a trip for many days, then you understand what things you should have before a trip. Before travelling, you must have an insurance policy that makes your tour safe and secure. You can connect with the insurance companies, which will provide you with the best travel insurance.