Common Rental Property issues

If you are the owner of a rental property, you already know the problems involved in it. Why? As soon as you complete one project, another comes up and this is one job that doesn’t seem to end. Your renters will often have complaints, and as the owner you are bound to solve these.

To ensure proper customer service, you will constantly need to be involved with maintenance. Once a thing slips out of your head, it will cause you problems later on. As the owner, it is your responsibility to keep the property in the topmost condition. There might be certain emergency conditions that will require immediate attention.

Once you have rented out your property, it is your responsibility to stay prepared from the beginning. The Beatrice Baudient real estate agent suggests some of the most prominent rental issues that you need to stay prepared from the beginning. These situations include

  • Gas Leak

If the tenant notices any rotten odor in their apartment, there is a high possibility of gas leak. This is one of those issues which if not addressed immediately may lead to excessive leakage of carbon monoxide and gas explosion. Also, it may lead to charges against you such as lawsuits.

The best way to tackle this situation is to provide your tenant the respective gas company’s name. As the owner, you should instruct them to contact the gas company if they notice any foul odor. Since you cannot always be immediately present to solve the issue, the tenants can handle all by themselves.

  • Fire

As per reports, each year more than 50,000 houses are caught in the midst of structure fire. While the probability is low, you may be caught in one. Hence, it is necessary that you stay prepared from the beginning to avoid any such unnecessary condition that may lead to fire.

You should provide the tenants with respective renters insurance and also help them find the escape route. Preparing a map of the house with an escape route will only help your tenants avoid these unwanted situations. Also, you may prefer installing smoke alarms.

  • Power outage

It’s common but not something that can be taken lightly. Most tenants consider power outage as a serious issue and you need to address the same. You should however be quick in responding to the power outages such as locking or resetting the door. But, in some cases, you may teach your tenant how to handle it.