ChemDog Strain: Things to Know

If you’re a fan of old-school strains with a strong, potent aroma, chances are you’re going to love ChemDog. You can find authentic strains of ChemDog’s smash hits throughout Massachusetts dispensaries. Here’s what you should know about ChemDog.

History of ChemDog

Back in June 1991, the Grateful Dead and friends rolled into Deer Creek, Indiana for a two-night show at the local amphitheater. There, ChemDog (Greg) met individuals named Joe Brand and P-Bud, from whom he bought one ounce of pot named Dogbud, according to High Times.

It was quite enjoyable. Back in Western Massachusetts, Greg ordered additional ounces, and one of them included 13 seeds. What he planted and then grew from them became the legendary ChemDog strain we know and love today.

A new strain doesn’t come about immediately. From the 13 seeds, one grew as a male plant, which Greg discarded. Then came three sisters, which he called “Chem Dog A,” “Chem’s Sister” and “Chem Dog B.” Later this trio received the name “Chem 91” to cover them all. Many pot historians view Chem 91 as the parent for strains including the famous OG Kush and Sour Diesel, (but that’s another story.)

Where to Buy the Real ChemDog Strains

Chem strains are available from a wide range of seed and genetics wholesalers across the country. If you want the real thing, grown by Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski (the man who bred the famous strain), you’ll have to go to Canna Provisions, an award-winning Massachusetts dispensary. Greg is the Director of Cultivation for Canna Provisions and is known as the “Father of Kind Bud,” so you can be sure you’re getting exclusive strains from the man himself. Today, these strains are now known as “ChemDog Smash Hits.”

ChemDog Strain Breakdown

Known as a hybrid strain of cannabis that balances sativa and indica effects, ChemDog has been a popular choice among weed aficionados for 25 years. People use it to encourage feelings of euphoria and happiness while also achieving a marked level of relaxation.

Palate: ChemDog is characterized with a notable earthy and diesel smell, which Leafly describes as being detectable from a mile away.


It tends to be a powerful flower that includes a potential for profound couch lock and relaxation while also promoting heady thoughts. Users report a decrease in anxiety and stress when using ChemDog. Some find it useful for helping them deal with pain too.

First time users are advised to take it easy with ChemDog, trying an initial hit and then waiting a while to see how the effects are. Taking your time, you’ll get more enjoyment out of this powerful flower.


You’ll find that the highest concentration of terpenes from ChemDog is Caryophyllene (with a pepper scent), according to research from Leafly. To a lesser extent, this strain also includes limonene (which gives a citrus lift) and myrcene (an herbal quality).