Check out the recent winners for the online rummy card game

Rummy is one of the most difficult games to become a master at. But then nothing is impossible for any human being to achieve. Knowing the basic rules and regulations of the game is a major part of being able to play a rummy game. Once you get the grasp of these rules, the game will become easier for you. Without this practice, no one would have been able to become champions at the rummy games online. The recent winners who have topped the charts have had all the qualities that a true rummy player, who is extremely passionate about the game, must have or acquire.

What some of the recent winners had done in order to become champions

All the top rummy players have won loads of cash prizes for their immense effort. While the person on top of the list has won Rs. 105, 924, 901, the person at the bottom of the chart has also won a huge amount of Rs. 25, 518, 381. No matter what position you are in, if you have the dedication and passion you will definitely find a spot in the list of the Rummy Hall of Fame.

  • Knowing the basics of the rummy game by heart:

Mugging up the rules is the only way to get all of them memorized. After this initial phase, all you would need to do is concentrate on acquiring, improving and brushing up on the skills and moves that you get to know about by playing the rummy card game. Learn about the newest strategies and tricks and become an expert at the game.

  • Practice on the free rummy games before playing the cash games:

The most important thing that these players did before their names got a place in the prestigious list is practice on the free rummy games available online before they moved on to the rummy cash games. Playing a rummy card game might seem to be easy but risking your hard-earned money is not worth wasting if you are not putting in time for the practice sessions. Check out the recent winners and read about them and their effort and skill before they earned huge amounts of cash and other rewards.

  • Try out the different kinds of rummy card games to increase your chance of winning and earning rewards:

The recent winners whose names have been enlisted have not only practiced the rummy card game but also tried out the various and different kinds of the Indian rummy game including Pool, Points, and Deals. Trying out your hand at these different kinds not only makes you an experienced and skilled player but also helps you in increasing your chance of winning in at least a few games.


The list of the recent winners that you can see on the website is bound to inspire you. If you want your name there as well, practice your best and earn more each day.