Car Maintenance Tips During Monsoon

Monsoon can be tough on your car. Slippery roads, high humidity levels, wet mud, potholes, and water-logged streets are like a nightmare for any vehicle. Hence, your car deserves special care and preparation for the rainy season. Today, we will talk about some essential car maintenance tips during monsoon.

  • Keep your car clean

Ensure that you find a covered place for your car. While many people use car covers to protect it against water and leaves and twigs, once the sun comes out, the cover can stick to the car and peel off the paint. Instead, park your car in a covered place. Also, ensure that if dirt or mud is stuck to your car, you wash it off regularly so that the paint is not damaged. Also, don’t forget to clean under the bonnet and bootlid of your car. Sometimes leaves or twigs get stuck there and can cause water to accumulate.

  • Protect the underbody of your car

Like the topside, ensure that the underfloor of the car and the mechanical parts are protected from water damage by spraying a lubricant and/or anti-rust liquid. Also, lubricate the front suspension. If you are living in an area where water usually accumulates on the streets and the underbody faces a lot of exposure to water, then do this regularly.

  • Wax Polish your Car

Wax polish is the cheapest and one of the most effective ways of keeping water off your beloved car. The wax ensures that the water rolls off the vehicle without causing damage. Also, if you are repainting your car before the rains, then get a layer of anti-rust under the body paint.

  • Check the Wipers

This is a no-brainer. Wipers help ensure visibility during rains. However, since they are used for barely three months in the year, they are prone to get worn out due to the heat of the sun. Hence, check if they are in good condition and don’t scratch the windshield. 

  • Protect the Interiors

When you get into your car during monsoon, your shoes, clothes, bag, etc. can be wet. This can damage the interior of your car while creating a possibility of fungus formation and bad odour in the vehicle. Use newspapers and towels in the car to keep it moisture-free as much as possible. Also, remember to wipe the steering wheel, gear knob, and dashboard before you start driving everyday as mould can grow due to moisture. Also, get the car AC serviced as you would need it to keep moisture away.

  • Check the tyres

Monsoon causes a lot of wear and tear to the tyres of the car since they work overtime to provide the car with the grip it needs. Hence, you need to regularly check the tyresfor any damage. Also, wet mud sticking in the treads of the tyres can cause grip issues. Hence, clean them regularly and ensure that you have tyres with good tread depth at all times. Also, ensure that your spare tyre is in perfect condition by checking itonce every week.

  • Electrical components

Water and humidity are dangerous for electrical components too. Malfunctions and short circuits of electrical components are common during monsoon. Hence, you must ensure that you check the entire electrical system of your vehicle before the rains start.Check the battery for its performance levels and use grease or petroleum jelly on its terminals to ensure that moisture doesn’t get to them.You can also keep an anti-moisture spray handy and spray it regularly on electrical accessories. Also, avoid fiddling with the wiring of the car.

  • Buy a Car Insurance Policy

Apart from the car maintenance tips mentioned above, you should also look at buying a car insurance policy to manage the injury, repair, or damage costs in the event of a mishap or an accident. During monsoon, the possibility of accidents is higher due to poor visibility and slippery roads. Based on the intensity of monsoon in the city you live, look at car insurance quotes, and find a comprehensive plan that offers maximum protection during rains. Look for add-ons that offer the perfect umbrella for the monsoon.


Remember, maintaining your car is important, especially during monsoon. The tips offered in this article can help you ensure that your car is ready for rains and does malfunction. Also, a comprehensive car insurance policy, from major providers like Tata AIG, provides a financial safety net that can help you manage costs in the event of an accident or a mishap. Look for insurance policies online, compare them, and find the one best suited for you. Good Luck!