Camping On a Budget: Simple Savvy Tips

We all deserve to have some amazing, memorable breaks from our day to day lives, no matter what our bank account looks like. Camping in itself is amazingly inexpensive for what you’re getting out of the experience, however, just like most things there are a few tweaks and tricks that you can implement to make sure that your upcoming trip is as budget friendly as possible. Follow these simple, savvy tips for a camping stint that’s as affordable as it is enjoyable, no matter what kind of budget you’re working with…

When in doubt, borrow

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending all your money on something that turns out to be pretty useless or just not worth you hard earned cash. For your first few camping endeavours, try borrowing a few pieces of kit instead of buying them outright. This will give you a great idea of whether you actually need that item in your life and in your camping routine or not. Pinch from your buddies or join a local camping community.

Shop second hand

Budget friendly camping doesn’t mean that you have to shiver miserably in a tent in your backyard, you can still get all the pieces that you need for a fabulous experience, you just have to be a little more creative about the way in which you go about scoring it. A great tip is to shop for second hand camper trailers instead of brand new ones. A camper trailer really is the best way to make every single camping trip enjoyable, comfortable and convenient, finding one for less? There’s nothing better!

Pre pack all your food

Preparing and pre packing all of your camping meals and snacks is essential for saving yourself some cash. Stopping in and splurging on expensive, unhealthy food is bad for your wallet and bad for your body. Pre chop and prepare fresh, nourishing food and you won’t be spending endless amounts on random meals.

Shop your home first

Before you buy waterproofs, bedding or Tupperware, shop your home first! There’s so many handy household items that can double up as camping gear. Just be sure to put everything back where you found it to avoid any annoyances when you’re getting on with your usual routine at home.

Sharing is caring

Get to know your campground neighbours and start sharing with them! Don’t have a coffee maker? Chances are, someone near you does. Be sociable and friendly, you’ll get to use some items you don’t have on you and you’ll make some new connections!

Entertain yourself

Avoid forking out a tonne of money just to rent a boat or go on some crazy escapade. Instead, bring some drawing utensils, books, musical instruments or plan some good old fashioned capture the flag to pass the time. Entertainment doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, especially when you’re there to take in the gorgeous nature around you!

Camp in the off season

Camping in the off season means less crowds, more choice and discounted prices! Check out different spots online to spy when their off season is, most places offer camping spots for less during these times.

Avoid hot spots

Australia is a breathtaking country with an awful lot of awesome camping on offer, so avoid flocking to hot spots where you’ll run into everyone and their mother, and opt for the road less travelled instead. You’ll find better spots, cheaper prices and cleaner facilities, it’s really a no brainer.

Follow these pointers for a cheap and cheerful camping trip!