Businesses That Have Been Able To Thrive During The Pandemic

The past 13 months has been a very difficult period for the entire world as we have all been affected in one way or another by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. However, during this period, there has been some businesses and industries that have benefitted from the last year due to the way that they are set-up and below we thought we’d investigate some of these businesses and why they have thrived during the pandemic.

One businesses that has already showcased to the world that they have actually benefitted from the global pandemic is online retail shopping website ASOS who have explained their profits are actually up 275% since the start of the pandemic and they have benefitted from the ‘not going out’ money being spent on clothes rather than other expenses. ASOS is an online only retailer and offer some of the best customer service levels with next day delivery for all customers and have quickly become one of the biggest retailers in the UK.

Other services that have been able to benefit during the height of the pandemic is that of online entertainment services which come in an array of different formats. Online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have been at the forefront of this and have largely monopolised how consumers are now watching TV as more and more of us are moving away from expensive cable subscriptions and using these online streaming services as our main format of watching TV at home.

Furthermore, other online entertainment services that have been able to benefit during this period has actually been within the gambling world which has seen the number of players soar during the pandemic as not only does it offer a form of entertainment from the comfort of your own home, but also the opportunity to be able to create a profit, look at these non-UK casinos for example. They are offering some of the best value for money within the online casino world, explaining why their numbers have soared during the pandemic.

And finally, the gaming industry is another form of online entertainment which has thrived during the pandemic and is on a similar trend to the other forms of online entertainment services. They have been able to offer a form of online entertainment for consumers at home who has had to look for alternative ways to entertain themselves during this period as their usual forms of entertainment haven’t been possible due to the pandemic.