Business That Should Consider Hiring Security Guards

There are approximately 3,500 bank robberies every year, and retailers lose a staggering $50 billion to theft. Often, those situations can be avoided by having a security guard on-site. The cost of hiring a security guard will quickly pay off by the amount of money you’ll save each month by reducing the amount of theft that happens in your business. Here are some businesses that could benefit from hiring a security guard. 


Many jewelers have multiple safeguards in place to help prevent theft. They buzz people into the storefront or have a panic button that directly links to the police. However, this isn’t always enough to deter thieves. Often, the mere presence of a security guard is enough to make someone with bad intentions second guess what they wanted to do. Having the security guard continually walk the store and monitor the parking lot can make a world of difference in how much theft you deal with. 

Construction Sites

Construction sites Los Angeles CA are a particular favorite of thieves because thousands of dollars of tools and building materials are left out each day. It has been reported that as much as $1 billion is lost each year on construction sites because of theft. You should invest in a couple of security guards instead because it isn’t feasible to lock everything up in a storage shed each night. The guards can do perimeter checks and monitor the security video. Then, if they see anything suspicious, they can alert the authorities and stop the loss before it happens. 

Parking Lots

The majority of property crimes happen in parking lots and garages. If you own a parking lot, you want the people who park there to feel safe knowing their cars and valuables are protected. If you allow overnight parking, you’ll want to ensure that you always have a security guard on the premises. The security guards can escort people to their cars when they feel unsafe and keep thieves from breaking into or stealing the vehicles.