Breathtaking Natural Wonders of Russia

Kamchatka is among the most breathtaking as well as other places not just to Russia, but on whole the planet. The peninsula fascinates getting its wild nature preserved in a original form. Kamchatka is stunning landscapes, gushing geysers, regal volcanoes and glaciers, thermal and mineral springs. Some unique protected natural areas u . s . states . underneath the tittle Volcanoes of Kamchatka and incorporated within the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Kamchatka is famous all over the world because the “land of volcanoes” – you’ll find roughly 300 of individuals within the territory within the peninsula. Volcanoes have different status- active and extinct ones.

Probably most likely probably the most interesting tour of Kamchatka is really a vacation in Tolbachinsky volcanic massif, which can be found in the south-western a part of Klyuchevskaya volume of volcanoes. The big massif is created by two stratovolcanoes, which merged by bases and have the characteristic structure along with an independent centers of eruptions. Ostry Tolbachik is extinct volcano, and Plosky Tolbachik is active one.


Lake Baikal is among the most surprising natural treasures on the planet. You can all over the world because the finest and clearest lake. In, Baikal may be the earliest lake on the planet – it’s greater than 25 million years of age.

Baikal may be the planet’s largest freshwater reserve. This lake is gorgeous at any season. In summer time time time it’s adorned while using the attractive shores – high hillsides, steppes, marshes, meadows and tundra with wealthy plants and creatures. Within the coast are natural parks and nature reserves. Throughout the cold several weeks several days Baikal becomes this excellent time ice kingdom and world’s largest skating rink. Regardless of the depth of ice, it’s so transparent, the walking the forest leaves an lengthy lasting impression.

With the visit Baikal you’re expected:

amazing natural splendor of Siberia

architectural and ethnographic museums, where you’ll discover the culture and history of Pribaikalye nations

traverse the Siberian taiga

exciting hiking routes

and lots of other interesting.


To discover interesting natural places in Russia, there’s you don’t have to possess a extended journey. For instance, you should check out the tourist complex Ruskeala, that’s located about 300 km from St. Petersburg. It’s the amazing natural part of the Northern Ladoga region.

You’ll be able to admire the fascinating great factor about Karelian nature in Ruskeala Mountain Park, in which the attractive rocks within the Marble Quarry are reflected within the turquoise smooth the top of purest ponds! This phenomenal natural park is unquestionably some cultural heritage of Russia.

The park is outfitted with walking trails and comfy viewing platforms. It’s open 7 days every week in lots of seasons. Here you’re expected:

interesting sightseeing routes

spectacular natural splendor

various outdoors activities

cozy cafes with authentic Karelian cuisine and attractive pastries

unique hands crafted souvenirs created from local marble.

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