Breaking The Myths About Armored Vehicles

With the growing need for protection of people of public importance or VIPs, armored vehicles are becoming essential and of utmost need today. Therefore, several companies are emerging in the market with more upgraded and loaded vehicles. These armored vehicles are used for military purposes for obvious reasons, but in contemporary times, these vehicles are being used by several business organizations, banks as well as for law enforcement. Yet there are a few misconceptions or myths about these armored vehicles that need to be dealt with.

  1. Bulletproof cars and armored cars

The first misconception is that bulletproof vehicles and armored vehicles are the same. Although there are several similar features, there are other dissimilar features too, which draw a thin line between the two marking the distinctiveness. Bulletproof cars depend on the reinforcement of ballistic steel and the category of the gunfire shot taken at the chassis of the car. Armored vehicles, however, are not just bulletproof but are capable of a counterattack.

  1. Status bias

Another misconception is that these armored vehicles are owned by the people of public importance or someone with a higher social status. As a matter of fact, these vehicles can be owned by any person with a license.

  1. The windows

Another myth is the windows of these cars cannot be opened, which is again completely the wrong notice. The windows of these cars can open like any other car. The material used for making these windows is called transparent armor comprising polycarbonate and lead glass to make the windows resilient, strong, and durable.

  1. Expensiveness

When the thought of an armored vehicle pops into one’s mind, what comes next is the cost of these vehicles. This factor is perhaps the reason behind another misconception of these cars owned by VIPs as discussed earlier. This means that because people think that these vehicles are ought to be expensive and extraordinarily costly, people do not even care to find out the actual prices of these cars. Existing cars can be transformed into armored cars which solve the whole problem altogether because then, the costs of these cars come down readily. Thus, a person wanting to invest in an armored vehicle with limited resources can perhaps transform the existing car into an armored one.

Though investing in armored cars seems to be a difficult task, with the Troy armoring company, one can overcome his own misconceptions and invest in an armored vehicle.