Best Spy Software for Your PC in 2020

As the competition in the tech world has been becoming high, so many spying software claims that no one is better than them. But if we talk about actual perfect surveillance software of 2020, so we will find TOS at the top of the list. 

TOS has been successfully maintaining its value for the past several years. This is not because of its special feature but because of its special service that values people’s money. People prefer it because it serves them uniquely and timely.

In this article, we will talk about TOS (spy software for PC) working that how it facilitates people.

Why do we need TOS PC Spy Software?

The first question that comes to mind is why it is needed. Why can be reasons to spy on PC of anyone? It is because PCs are almost used everywhere, whether it is a home, office or corporate sector. 

At home, professionals use PCs to accomplish their internet-related tasks, but kids also use PCs. They use Skype for video calling, internet for playing online games, social accounts and YouTube for watching any video. 

Likewise, employees have PCs for maintaining and saving business data and for accomplishing projects. But gradually, employees start wasting their time in doing inappropriate things on PCs like watching useless videos, visiting inappropriate sites or endless calling to a colleague or unknown. 

To prevent employees and kids from negative impacts of PC, people use TOS PC spy software. It helps the user to get aware of things before going wrong. It empowers the user to become a decision-maker rather than assuming bad things.

TheOneSpy PC Spy Software

Every day, new software came and claimed that it prioritizes the user’s privacy and offers the best services. But after a few days, it becomes disappear or gets banned because of committing fraud. It’s pretty daunting to pick the right one out of millions. But the software that has successfully made its bright image in people’s eyes is the TheOneSpy. 

TheOneSpy provides the best interface to the user that the user can easily get physical access to any activity performed on the targeted PC. It is a choice of millions as it doesn’t put the targeted PC at risk and not impact on internet speed. It also has the capability of compatibility with all models of Pcs and all versions of windows. 

TOS helps businesses monitor individual employee performance and enhance individual efficiency. In this way, a business can maintain its reputation and can successfully compete in the market.

Features of TOS for PC Monitoring

TheOneSpy windows spy software features are trustworthy and work efficiently. Each feature performs dynamic functions and detects reliable information that is useful for users in real-time. Let’s discuss some advance monitoring tools of TOS for PC. 


  • Surrounding Recorder


A user can use the surrounding recorder to listen to live surrounding conversation going around the targeted PC.


  • Screen Recorder


Sometimes the user is much busy and cannot track instantly. In this way, the user can use a screen recorder to record all activities of the targeted person in short videos. 


  • E-mail Tracker


It helps the user to get access to a targeted person email account and monitor all incoming and outgoing emails. A user can have a look at files and folders shared in emails and can view emails/ username as well.


  • Location Tracker


If the targeted system gets stolen so the user can track where the device gets taken. A user can reach the device by locating its location live. 


  • Social Account Tracker


It allows the user to get remote access overall social media accounts of a targeted person. A user can monitor targeted person Skype, Facebook, Twitter and such other social account performance. 


  • Multimedia Tracker


A user can have a look at all saved, shared and downloaded multimedia files, folders, pictures, audio and videos by the targeted person in their PC. 


We concluded that TOS is the perfect spy software for PC as it facilitates millions of people who reliably spies on PCs. It takes an extra edge over competitor software because it is still leading in 2020.  In the coming years, TOS will bring more innovative spying tools for PC monitoring.