Best Apps for 2020

Without even realising it we use apps everyday and they make using your phone much easier, funner and faster. App developers are constantly working to make your phone experience better every day whether you’re looking to play a game, browse the internet, invest in stocks or shop! If you’re looking for the latest innovations in the world of apps, here’s a look at the best apps in 2020.

Brave: Privacy Browser

Fed up of online pop ups on Google? Brave is an online browser that puts safety, privacy and ease at the forefront of its platform. It’s simple design is easy to use and setting up is very fast. If you want to browse online with more safety in mind, Brave is an app worth downloading to give you that peace of mind you’re looking for.

Food: Cookpad

Cookpad keeps you connected to the world of food and recipes in one place. Add your favourite recipes, copy others, manage your shopping list with this easy to use app. Most people who use the app find themselves eating out less from the start and the apps is designed to break down cuisines into different categories to make your browsing simple.

Health: MyFitnessPal

Whether you’re looking for fitness advice, a calorie counter or a fitness tracker, MyFitnessPal is the perfect app for your wellbeing journey. The app has an extensive choice of healthy foods to make, as well as a barcode scanner to input your daily calories with minimal effort (no more reading the back of packets and doing fast math). While the free app won’t give you workout routines, it will help to identify your habits and help you improve your daily fitness.

Evernote: Productivity

Evernote has been a sensation over the past few years and continues to be in 2020. It’s a powerful tool you can use for pretty much anything and your notes can be text, audio, video and images all perfect for helping you with any project. Whether its work, home renovation or inspiration Evernote is the perfect place to store your ideas.

City Mapper: Transportation

If you’re heading to an unfamiliar city then CityMapper is the perfect companion for personal or using public transportation. It’s ideal to us in America, Europe and Asia so if you’re travelling to a hotspot, be sure to have it downloaded and ready. Plus if your a local, you can set up you daily routine and the app can tell you about any delays that will be coming up in your commute.