Attorney Anthony O. Van Johnson: A Path Less Traveled

Growing up, Anthony O. Van Johnson did everything but think about becoming an attorney.

If you glance at his previous life experiences, you’ll likely not expect him to become one of the top managing attorneys of his namesake litigation firm in Atlanta.

Consider this: Born at Fort Benning Army Base, the son of a U.S. Army infantry senior aviator and flight instructor, Van Johnson followed in his father’s footsteps at first.

He joined the Army at 17 and later pursued a slew of decidedly non-attorney activities, including a career as a professional musician and competing in martial arts.

It wasn’t until college that Van Johnson pursued a career in law — and dove in with the same passion for life that drove his passions before. Becoming an attorney is a whirlwind of education and hard work, and that’s just what Van Johnson did.

The Road to Law

After earning an A.S. in business administration and a B.A. in English, Van Johnson enrolled in one of the top law schools in the country: the Loyola University School of Law.

He quickly left a mark, including being selected to participate in the Thomas Tang Moot Court Competition, a prestigious law student competition honoring Tang, who advocated for minority attorney advancement.

As with everything he has done in his life up to that point, Van Johnson gave his all. He didn’t just become an attorney — he became an attorney of extreme distinction.

Attorney Anthony O.Van Johnson has been admitted to the U.S. District Court and in Georgia to the Supreme Court, Superior Court, and Court of Appeals.

He doesn’t limit himself. Van Johnson has represented clients in many different types of courts, including municipal and magistrate venues.

Representation for All

Becoming an attorney changed his life and narrowed his life’s focus.

After founding Anthony Overton Van Johnson; Associates, P.C., he and his fellow attorneys provided quality, intelligent and strong legal support for clients involved in cases ranging from civil litigation to personal injury and family law.

Attorneys like Van Johnson don’t just focus on one area of law — they excel in fields of law that people need to most support with.

His firm’s family law group has represented clients in cases of child support, child custody, divorce, and protective orders.

His firm has experience with cases involving spinal cord injuries and wrongful death cases. They have vast experience in nursing home neglect and products liability. And that just scratches the surface.

The eclectic nature of Van Johnson’s life is one of the least surprising things about him. He has always had an inquisitive mind and a competitive spirit. He’s a born leader.

 A Life Well Lived

At the age of 14, Van Johnson was playing drums in jazz clubs. He was named an infantry squad leader in the Army and was soon promoted to sergeant.

Leading his company on their grueling physical training, he got the nickname “The Singing Corporal” for his calling abilities during the runs.

He received multiple honors while in the Army, eventually joining the U.S. Army Mounted Color Guard and Drill Team.

Before focusing on law, it was back to music. He performed across Europe and in San Francisco and revealed in different genres of music, from big bands to musical theater.

At the same time, he was a martial arts instructor and competitor. Never feeling bound to one vocation, he joined the nuclear industry before becoming an attorney, becoming a senior health physics technician at nuclear facilities across America.

But after law school, he was committed to his life as an attorney. But he was always committed to branching out to different fields of law and experiences. He was once part of a small delegation selected to go to Cuba to discuss the country’s justice system. Subsequently, Van Johnson received a leadership honor from the I Change Nations organization.

 A Firm of His Own

Like many budding attorneys, after law school, Van Johnson joined a downtown Atlanta law firm and hit the ground running.

He dove headfirst, picking up numerous criminal cases left by an attorney leaving the firm. He handled them all, but at the same time, he yearned for more. When he entered Loyola, he knew he wanted to start his own law firm.

Now that he has, he still hasn’t given up his other passions.

He still loves aviation and music (he is working on recording his own album). But law remains his first priority. It only took him 19 months to start his namesake firm. Since then, his firm has represented thousands.

Clients trust Van Johnson. They like him. They respect his work ethic and his spirit, and his wit.

Van Johnson is a man who has always lived life on his own terms and pursued his interests with enviable energy.

That energy continues to guide his career as an attorney that everyone wants to have in their corner.